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"Yambling! Blotzfrig! You came after all!" echoed Enad the Great's voice in delight. Yambling and Blotzfrig were two glompins who often lived with Enad in the eighth dimension, which was their second favorite next to the fourth. Enad though this couple looked cute in the third demension, even if they did remind him of a queesh—their worst enemy.

They were led into the castle and treated with great honors. They caught up on old times and Enad decided to give them a tour of the strange world below. Later that evening they traveled (with the help of the fourth demension) to Taftville. Blotzfrig found the place quite amusing.

This is one of the oldest surviving towns of the old...," but before he could finish a queesh fiercly attacked Yambling like bubble gum sticking to your shoe. Yambling inflated himself and popped the queesh, but it reformed in the shape of a klotterble. It was no use. Yambling was too hurt to pop into the first demension for escape.

"Glipplesmitt," was all he could utter as his body turned to a glowing brilliance. He was gone. Blotzfrig cried. Enad was angered. With all his might, Enad the Great concentrated on the fleeing queesh. Poooof. No longer was the queesh.

Enad fell flat on his face. "What happened?" was he could say because of his weekness. As he tried to concentrate himself to castle. Then he knew. "I wonder if the loss of my power was worth the revenge I just found. I even feel no regret. No.....am....I....human....again?"

Blotzfrig formed a cube. In walked Enad. The box turned planar, then linear, then to a point. Enad arrived at the castle via the fourth demension. "Thank you Blotzfrig." For hours no words were spoken as they contemplated the death of Yambling. Finally, Enad's face grew red. "Pierce must be destroyed....." His voice was full of revenge. Enad was upset. With this loss of power, how could he accomplish this goal?

"Blotzfrig, will you help me?" With that Blotzfrig disappeared sending his pet, Kwamkut, to take care of Enad and protect him from the world below.

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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