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"Ho, hummm," yawned Enad the Great. He was extremely bored with the new power found in the 8th demension, being everywhere, knowing everything, now being more powerful than anyone could imagine. Adena had helped him reach this ultimate goal, and he wondered how he could repay her. Yes, he decided, he would return to that lowly place he called, and even missed, home. He was quite disturbed in his new demension, for he had all the power he dreamed of, but, well, he now saw little use for it, and as he said, "I CAN'T STAND MUCH MORE POWER!"

Enad materialized into the 3rd demension slightly different than he at one time was. He now had a soul. Not just any ordinary soul, but one made out of energy. This soul not only made him very powerful, but it shed new light on what life and its wonders are. He made a new home in the clouds, overtaking the giant's castle. Here he could watch all the developments on his home planet.

After quite a while of observation he made the profound statement, "THE KEYS MUST NEVER BE COMBINED." He knew the fate of any such action. Of course he could stop them, but he knew such a decision must come from their own decision. While he knew the power of the keys combined could destroy him, who knows who else? He grew desperate. "The first step must be a warning, perhaps even a threat." He never made a threat he didn't keep. After being in deep thought for a moment, several letters materialized. Now he had to proofread them. (Not that he ever made a mistake, but I'm sure you wish to know what they said.)

Dear Mr. Taft:

While I admit to having been a great admirer of your lust for flesh and blood, I have reformed. I am sorry that you have killed so many Bobs, for it means I might have to punish you. Give up evil, or your desire for evil, with my help, will lead to your downfall.


I only have one bone to pick with you. You are quilty of bringing to life a character whose evil you will learn to hate. Reform, and perhaps we could watch the beauty of life as it was meant to be. If not, well, you have your choice.


Your power is known throughout the dimensions. Too bad. I regret to say you are no match. I have doubts on your capability to reform, however, I will anticipate an answer. Just hope you follow my advice.

He signed all of his letter:

                               ENAD THE GREAT

                               has returned.

                               PLEASE REFORM, of BEWARE

It is true the heart he now has is in the right place, but is he going about it the right way?  For now he just watches the people do their destruction, making sure nothing does too much harm. I hope he isn't starting to feel too human again.

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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