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There Enad the Great was awaiting the swolk to finish his task and carry him back to hsi Castle of "Black" (it isn't really black, it is just colorless). True Enad is our of the plimpkin, but lets see how this event really how this event really happened, not howl it seemed to... it ...to have happened.

Enad sat there thinking, "I see only one way out--birth. No, not exactly pleasant" he thought to himself. Then he noticed a faint oder. "Of course!, the famous unknown oder of what will soon lead to the downfall of T. G. Taft, his worst enemy." He grabbed at the source of the odor and once he pulled off some of the stomach tissue, he noticed a copy of a story digesting within it (indigestion city). It was PLIMPKIN'S PIE. Strange, he had never read it, but he knew all about it?????? Then it hit him, "of course, a much simpler way of getting out." He stuck the tissue in his pocket then read the story (poor fellow) choosing ending "A" and acted squeemish (this was hard to do). All of the sudden the plimpkin let him out and even appoligized for any inconvience, but Enad was too great to accept. But there was Athena attacking him, she shouldn't of done that.

There on the horizon came a mighty army of faithful swolks ready to feast on all 0f Athena's characters. After dinner, his favorite swolsk took him to his "place". He immediately went to his lab and for several hours explosions and other chemical reactions occured. (He had apparently taken 2nd year chemistry.)

"I have done it, I have done it, I have done it!!!!!!!!!!!!", Enad the Great emitted with a triumphant tone in his voice.


He took the last ingreedient out of his pocket and added the stomach to the boiling pot of..........(ahem).... when pooooofffffff instant sworsk stew. Almost instantly flashes of power swooshed into the pot and were neutralized. After an hour of uneventful explosions, Mr. Taft ran out of sworsk. As he went back to his throne to think, he laughed when he he herd a boom for he knew Taft tried to create another sworsk.

Enad sat down to think, "The final blow must be with magic." He knew of a book with spells, but he didn't know how to get it. His stomach told him he was hungary again and he rubbed, accidentally rubbing the buckle on his belt. He thought to himself, "If only I knew the spells.”For some odd reason, he know knew the spells. "What did it, the belt? Why it must be a magical belt!", Enad thought. Enad wondered "If it has "brain powers", maybe it has the power to move things." So he made books fly all over his castle occalionally hitting a swolsk or two. "The magic book must be destroyed."

With deep concentration he raised the spell book up toward the sun until it crashed creating a solar flare. The book is now destroyed and the spells are only in the mind of Enad the Great. "I shall return,” Enad thought as he uttered a magic spell casting hin into the magical 4th demension.

He occasionally teased people with the power he had found in the4th deminsion, but overall, he was now re1axed and happy, his appitite (for destruction) pleasantly satisfied....

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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