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The Plague and the Power

                         by Jonathon Pierce

Iffley stared deeply into the Pool of Rememberence. The Pool clouded and the Waters began to ripple. With each ripple, time receeded into the past. Finally, the image began to clear:

The Plague of Dragons reined across the Earth. Time had virtually stopped. The Dragons, with their breath of lightning, had leveled all the forests, except one: Five Wizards had gathered into the vast forest of Brazil. Using their combined powers, they had protected the forest with an electrical field.

Ozino, the leader of the group, suggested that they incorporate their powers into devices. Ozino, himself, had transformed his power into the form of a jewel-encrusted Sceptre. His wife, Wisdym, reduced her powers into the form of an Amulet. She then placed magic rubies and emeralds into it to its accentuate her power. Phumos, an Enchantress from America, reduced her powers into a small Tiara. Excho, a magician, changed his powers into a small Belt. Lastly, Ranet, a personal friend of Ozino, transformed his powers into a small Ring.

They stood in a circle and raised their Keys. A great Power surged from the circle and disappeared into the sky. The Power struck the Moon, Splitting it in half. The Power then sought out the Plague. Upon reaching the Dragons, it teleported them into the core of the moon. With a final burst of energy, the Power sealed the Plague for eternity.

Ozino, unfortunately, had underestimated the strength of the Power. The strata of the Earth had shifted, causing earthquakes and tidal waves. The group once again concentrated on the damage and sent the Power to repair the devestation. The Power worked quickly, however, the Earth was irrevocably scarred.

"No one must ever use this power again!" Ozino cried, "We shall hide our Keys for all eternity." He raised his Sceptre and the group faded into nothingness.

The Pool once again became lucid and still. Iffley contemplated on the bravery of such actions. He waved his Sceptre over the Pool. The Waters became troubled and time receeded once more:

The group of Wizards appeared in a small cave on an island near the Bahamas. The cave was lavishly decorated with glowing stalagtites and stalagmites. Phumos gently placed her Tiara on the most brilliant stalagmite. The Tiara began to glow serenly. As it drew On the strength of Phumos, she silently faded away. Ozino raised the Sceptre and the group faded away once more.

The four Wizards appeared on a now barren wasteland. Quietly Ozino touched the sand with his Sceptre. The Sceptre vibrated softly and the sand around them fused to form a large temple. Excho placed his Belt on a small golden pedestal. The Belt slowly gathered his strength and he vanished. The Sceptre, once again, teleported the group away.

The three remaining Wizards appeared on a small strip of flat land near the sea. Ozino waved his Sceptre and the Grass transformed into a fortress. "I hope peace for you, my friend.”Ozino said sadly, as Ranet placed his Ring in a jewelled box.

"And I...you. He whispered as he vanished away. Ozino teleported his wife and himself from that lonely place.

They appeared by a small lake, placid and clear. Ozino raised his Sceptre and stairs formed, leading into the lake. He touched the water and it silently parted leaving the path into the lake dry. They descended until they had reached the exact center of the lake. A beautiful statue of Venus was here, bathed in an unseen light.

"My Love," He said, "I wish there was another way..."

She just smiled dimly and said: “You shall always remain in my heart." She placed the Amulet around the statue's neck. After a long, tender kiss, she, too, departed into the void. Ozino raised his Sceptre and vanished.

One single tear ran down the face of the statue and touched the Amulet. The stairs vanished and the lake covered all existance of Wisdym.

Ozino raised his Sceptre and created a large castle. He slowly descended the stairs into the dank dungeon. He entered a small cell and pointed his Sceptre at the door, which solidified into part of the wall.

"Now no one shall ever possess the Power again!" He raised his Sceptre and threw it against the wall. It shattered and vanished away.

"Good-bye, my Love." He cried until he dissappeared into the void.

The Waters cleared and became still. Iffley now understood the full strength of the Power. He shed one single solitary tear for the Great Wizards of the past. The tear splashed into the Pool and became one with the Waters. All of Ozino's precautions had been in vain, the Keys had all now been discovered.

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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