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INNOCENCE... Aaaah it feels so good.

Although I suppose some people would say that I "started" the Story War, this is actually my first episode. I hope you like it...

Through the distance, T. G. Taft could hear a robin shyly chirp, and, carefully listening to the calm peacefulness that surrounded his office, he noted that the day just seemed to jump for joy. "Today's going to be a wonderful day!" he sighed as he walked into his office. "Susan! Oh, Susan!" He called, adressing his secretary, Susan Smith the IV. Susan was a beautiful girl, and you could tell, even from a distance, that she was part of that strong Smith stock. As Susan walked in, T. G. slowly glanced up and said "So, what's today's report?" Susan slowly read her notes, which she held tightly in her hands, to the famous author.

"Well, let's see," she said, "Enad the Great is still in Plimpkin II, and apparently he is beginning to like it: He has made no attempt to escape."

"Yes...go on." "The mass production lines for the Sworshks are doing fine... no more waiting for the natural reproduction. There are now 36 Sworshks waiting for your command, and 40 more are planned for Tuesday."

"Good... good. What else?" "Slosh Gorshkin the II wants a raise again... gosh, doesn't he ever give up?"

"Any more?" "Only the mail. Let's see, three bills and a note from Mom...hmm. Thats funny, what's this?" She took a letter from her hands and showed it to Mr. Taft. He took the letter, and began to mumble to himself. "This is from that continent just south of here. It has a name on it... Adena. What a strange name." "Well open it!" screamed Susan, with the curiosity of her mother. "Okay, okay." As Taft opened it, a strange paper fell out of the envelope onto the floor. As he picked it up, he began to read it, and this is what it had to say:

Dear Mr. Taft,

I recently recieved a "message" from you that I totally disliked. I have restrained myself from doing serious damage to you, but my anger is burning severely. Unless I recieve from you the Tiara of Phumos, I will destroy you, your possessions, and every single one of your puny little characters.

Thank you for sharing your time with me, and I have enjoyed this chance to chat with you. I hope that we may have the chance to do it sometime again.

                              Yours Truly,

                              Adena, the Enchantress of Furanose

"What is this trash?" Exclaimed T. G. Taft as his forehead gleamed with anger. "What the heck is this 'message' and, now, a 'Tiara of Phumos?' Huh?" As he threw the paper away in a rage, Susan picked it up and read it. She began to cry.   "Wait a minute, what do you know?" shouted Taft. "Daddy" was all she could whimper out.

"Daddy? You mean Bob the XVII?" "Daddy had heard of the Amulet... he was only doing it for you..." Taft slowly stared at her. "Doing what for me?"

Susan turned around, and stared directly into those calm, shrewd eyes. She shouted, "Making you Ruler of the Galaxy!"

It was then that Mr. T. G. Taft was told the whole story of the Keys; of the Pool of remembrance, of the Shard of Zeinith, and especially of the Tiara of Phumos. Susan had learned the story from reading in the excellent library that existed on the Island of Phumos. Taft was surprised that any of his characters had read something another author had written, but was glad to find out about his newfound wealth. After listening to Susan's story, Taft began to talk things out. "Then this letter is really a challenge: A challenge for me to become the ruler... hmm. I will except the challenge. Susan take a note.

We must install a refrigerator aboard Plimpkin II. And Enad is..."

The factory was busily humming with the sounds of work. This was the famed Sworshk factory: It was here that T. G. Taft had planned his center of mobilization. Suddenly one of the foremen walked down a tall stairway overlooking the factory and went over to a Sworshk where three workers were adding the final touches to a magnificent beast. "New orders from the big guy. This baby is supposed to look like a Swolsk." "A Swolsk? What's that?" "Here: I've got a picture..."

The Plimpkin slowly wallowed through the mud, slowly because it was carrying cargo. The Plimpkin had been flown into Furanose, and, not used to flying, it didn't feel to well. "I'm glad I'm carrying this ugly thing," the Plimpkin thought to itself, "or else I would get hungry. And eating is not good for something as sick as me." The Plimpkin slowly continued it's travel to find that lady called Adena: The Enchantress of Furanose.

T. G. Taft was busy working on the final touches to his plan. "I need one more thing. Wait! Kakablik Snoodleskee! Yes, of course: But I don't know where he is. But wait again! I don't need to know where he is now! I've got the famed Tiara of Phumos. Now let's see. Slosh gave that thing to me for my birthday. Where did I put it? I believe it was up here..." As Mr. Taft reached up onto the top of his file cabinet, he brought out a beautiful looking tiara. The tiara was beautiful; filled with 36 rubies, 25 emeralds and 16 diamonds, it's monetary worth was surpassed only by its strategic value. T. G. thought for a moment, and then he held the jewelled structure tightly. A strange feeling, a feeling of strangeness throughout, filled his body. He opened his eyes and found that he was at... A pizza parlor. Kakablik's Pizza to be exact: On it's opening day, November 25th. He was standing in its famed kitchen, next to a couple of meat grinders. And then he saw what he had come for. T. G. Taft slowly sneaked up on the man, and, checking to make sure that this truly was Kakablik Snoodleskee, he grabbed his waist, and quickly whisked the both of them back to his office.

The world of Furanose was humming with anticipation and suspense, as it always did. Adena, the Enchantress of Furanose, was quietly walking through its glorious streets, smiling. She was glad to be in Furanose; it was a wonderful place to be. But she couldn't help but think about something else; the other keys: Her Amulet glistened in the sun, but there was still something missing. Yes, truly: The other four keys were missing. Suddenly, from behind her, a man gagged her face and pinned her legs. The man whispered in her ear, "Come with me, babe. We got a date with a pizza." But before he had a chance to leave with her, a centurion caught sight of them and quickly killed the attacker. Adena quickly shouted, "Who's this, another one of..." Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a dreaded "Swolsk" came and grabbed Adena, and, to her horror, her amulet suddenly fell off. Adena, terrified by this turn of events, screamed. Just when it looked like it was all over, the Swolsk, for some reason, made a wrong move and crashed, setting Adena free. She quickly ran to her guard. "A Swolsk. And that man... That was Kakablik Snoodleskee "

From behind a building the Plimpkin came to a stop. He quickly freed his passenger, and gave him a shiny object that glistened in his refrigerator. Then, with a sudden jab, pushed his ex-captive out into the street.

Adena slowly turned around, hearing a noise behind her. There she saw, directly in the Furanose sun, the features of Enad the Great: And in his hands lay a shiny ice dagger. Before Enad had a chance to move, more centurions grabbed him from behind and captured him. Adena looked at her guard. "You stupid idiot! That man that you called an agent of T. G. Taft... he really was an agent of Enad the Great. You have made me look like a fool in front of Mr. Taft by forcing me to write him a very nasty letter. Come, bring along that," she said as she pointed at Enad, "and begin writing a letter of apology to T. G. Taft. As for you, Enad...well..."

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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