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Song of the Muses

Adena lay down her stylus and proofread her letter. It read:

Dear Fellow Adventurers:

Through Jonathon Pierce, I have learned of my acceptance into your society. My extreme gratitude and I promise that you will not be disappointed

You are welcome in the country of Furanose...

                               Adena, Enchantress of Furanose

Satisfied, she sealed the letter and called for her messenger, Sir Cumference. Giving him orders for it to be delivered as quickly as possible, she turned to the window and looked out at the Furanose morning. Suddenly, her amulet's rubies began to glow brightly. This was the Amulet of Wysdym, which contained great power. The rubies helped her in extrasensory perception, and presently, they were alerting her to the presence of another mystical being. Concentrating on the rubies' images, Adena determined that the Wizard Iffley was to pay a call. Subconsciously, she turned to a mirror and checked her hair. Feeling foolish, she stopped. The wizard may be great, she thought to herself, but I never really liked him or his stupid creature - the Quische. She preferred her own companions - particularly the danaes.

Danaes were the winged unicorns of Furanose and there were nine. Seven were the colors of the spectrum, one was pure white and the last, Adena's favourite, was black. Another Furanose creature particular to the Enchantress were the jiffles. Jiffles are found in the Furanose forest usually by fresh water streams and fiords. They look like cotton balls with matchstick limbs and they talk in high, whistling tones. They have an excellent sense of humor and are frequent guests at palace activities.

Adena shook herself back to reality. Prejudices 'delinda est', she sighed quietly. Turning, she found her centurian at the door seeking an audience, "Enchantress, a crisis has arisen that requires your attention."

"Speak it, Centurian."

"The leader of the neighboring territory, Enad, is seeking your identity. I am not sure that he will resort to force but I alert you to be prepared,"

Adena was silent a moment. Then she spoke, "My powers are more than a match for those of Enad's. There will be no difficulties." Gently, she stroked the emeralds of the amulet, murmured a few words and again spoke to her centurian, "I have sent a nymph to sing at Enad's court. Hers is a siren song and most will not resist but will quarrel among themselves. Thus divided, Enad and his court will pose no threat."

"So is said..." the centurian began.

"So it is done," Adena finished firmly with finality in her voice. She summoned Equapo, her midnight Danae, mounted and flew out the open window to survey Furanose.

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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