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TOPIC: Enchantress of Furanose

DATE: 8405.01



The perfect weapon. Once thrust, it erased all signs of its original bearer. Simple, yet effective. The assassin removed the pointed, frozen stylus from the freezing unit. He then let himself out the door into the outside world.

The world of Furanose hummed with anticipation and suspense. Maybe just an author's imagination, it seemed to be hovering over the outcome of this clash. Between good and evil, mystery and madness. Would the Enchantress meet a match in this man?

Allow an author to recant slightly, the world of Furanose is one exploding in magic and marvel. Creatures never seen by a human eye lope through the highways and byways of this untamed land. Plants erupt with violent color depending on the season and temperature. The most fascinating of the people of Furanose is the Enchantress. Endowed with senses and powers unattainable by most, Adena, for that is her name, governs her land effectively and uniquely.

Quite youthful and enchanting, as her title would suggest, Adena is capable of attaining virtually everything she desires. The center of her attributes lays in her amulet. Ivory from the first unicorn's horn encrusted with jewels from all reaches of her empire, it is worn constantly and proudly. Emeralds coloured as deep green as Ireland's shamrock fields, rubies as red as the tulips of Holland, pearls as pure white as the first Canadian snows, amethysts the deep-purple of the midnight sky and diamonds as glistening as the new day's dew adorn the elliptic piece and give it a hypnotic beauty, similar to the one wearing it.

Clothed in a robe the color of the noonday sun, Adena was surveying the lands from a cloud chariot as the murderer drew closer to the landing stables. Alighting from the sky with fluid grace, Adena handed off the steeds and began the stroll to the palace. Footsteps fell in unison with hers, a wet hand was upraised and a groan was heard as the fiery iciness met warm flesh.

The centurian of the Enchantress' guards turned the body over as Adena looked on with a mingled look of shock and repulsion. The Centurian stated flatly, "Enchantress, he appears to be an agent of the malicious villian T.G. Taft." He paused, watching his young monarch, "Please be careful, Adena. You have the gift for Power and Furanose would be crippled irrevocably without your presence."

Adena favoured her guard with a gentle smile and said, "I appreciate your concern and will take your warning to heart. Let us now take leave of this place."

"Of course, Enchantress," the guard responded, saluting. They turned their back on the agent as the ice sent its frigid cool into the warmth of the slowly failing heart.

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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