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Adena brushed her tunic off as she turned to face the centurions who where holding the now struggling Enad.

"Bring him," she demanded and then motioned to her head centurion. "If the agent was Taft's, why did Enad strike? I want answers and will get them." Enad was now getting quite violet and the Enchantress whirled to face him. Apparently, you aren't aware of your situation. I am the Enchantress of Furanose and this is my domain. You are at my mercy and my whims. I will try to be just, however. You..." she stopped suddenly and her eyes fell to the belt that Enad was wearing.

Enad saw what was coming and protested, No, this you will never have. Your powers are pitiful compared to mine. You have a title but nothing to back it up with." Adena's centurions were staring in shock at his audacity.

"You dare," she retorted, eyes blazing.

"Yes, I dare," he returned. "Look at you. You are a child with a power you won't ever understand pity, such a waste."

"A child! You consider a woman of twenty five, a child!" her voice was approaching contempt.

"Yes, I do," he stated, gloating. "A very beautiful one but a child nonetheless. In fact, I have proof for my point." He began to concentrate and a violent wind began to whip around the city square. It ripped at the trees and tore at buildings. People were beginning to scream in terror. All were looking toward Adena for safety - they had not long to wait.

Adena calmly closed her eyes and slowly the gale became a zephyr, quiet and refreshing. It smelt of perfect spring and instead of destruction, it brought butterflies of all shapes and colors. The people cheered and Enad stared in shock that was a mild spell, he thought, but she should not have be capable of stopping it.

Adena turned to face Enad once more. "I think that I have a solution. Hold him firmly, centurions." She raised her right hand and extended the index finger. Enad's belt removed itself and floated towards the Enchantress, where it wound itself around her slender waist as if it had always been there "Now, take him away," she commanded, pointing at the gaping Enad.

The guards drug Enad off to Detention quarters and Adena returned to her palace. There she sat in the study with the mirror and thought.....

T.G. Taft looked up in glance of suprise. A perfect hologram stood before him. (Now, to define Taft's version of perfect: a 10!; as in, one very nice looking lady!) He was more suprised when it, she, spoke:

I may have judged you prematurely, probably not, but I send an apology through this hologram. Please accept it- Adena, Enchantress of Furnaose.

With that, the image disappeared and Taft let out a low whistle. "I should have forgotten about framing Enad, and gone through with the kidnapping. She's powerful to transmit across the sea like that and if that was a replica of the real thing..." He let another whistle. Susan, his secretary, appeared at the door.

"Sir, I heard the fire alarm, don't you think we should clear the building."

"That was me, you bumbling fool. Get out!" He threw a sheaf of papers at her departing figure. Then he sat down to the task of planning to meet the Enchantress.

Adena was strolling through the forest before she went to judge Enad. A galactose, congruous to the Earth deer, came up to her. She held out her hands, which filled up magically with sweet grain for it to eat. When it was through, she threw the chaff up and they disappeared into nothingness.

Adena walked on and began to examine the belt. She knew its history, her mother's patient tutoring had seen to that, but no one knew the full extent of its power. Adena was almost impishly curious, two of the keys were on her person. It was fascinating to consider the implications. The keys, she began to muse silently again. Slowly, her thoughts turned to the chasm of memory that she had never wanted to touch anymore -her own early life...

A young girl of about ten was seen running down the path toward a far off palace. Golden sandals clutched in her right hand, her bare feet thudded noisily on the packed earth. Slightly behind her, a winged unicorn colt cavorted and pranced up and down in the air. Her laughter was as music in the air and the colt's whinnying sounded a pleasant harmony. Shortly, she reached the castle and galloped up the steps.

Inside, her father, Odina - The Warlock of Furanose, was speaking with her mother, Coina. They both looked up as their daughter ran in. As the only child they could ever have, Odina and Coina treasured her dearly. Adena sent her colt back out and then went to her father's desk.

"I saw some very intri.., intrigu..., interesting things today," she stated.

"That is good," her father returned, "The word is 'intriguing' "

"Thank you, Father."

Adena shook herself back to the present. That had been the last time she had spoken to either of her parents. They had both died in a violent battle trying to defend Furanose and their daughter. What power they had lacked, Adena had it and more. She had been crowed Enchantress and had rapidly matured to run her country well. All Furanose - all beings, as a matter of act -compared her to Wisdym.

Wisdym was a direct relative of Adena. Adena showed this heritage well in her powers and in stunning looks

By now, Adena had reached the lake of Wisdym and she tried to force her mind to other things - like Enad's trial. This time, however, nothing could fill the empty void and Adena dropped to her knees as the tears filling her emerald-gold eyes fell to join those of the pool.

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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