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"Hey, Kwamkut, get overhere!," was heard the dominant tone of Enad the, well, as it goes, the Great.

"Controled Working Apparatus and Monitor Konstucted by Ultimate Technoligies at your service, sir, for what ever need you wish me to..."

"Ah shut up. Got anything in that bucket of bolts for my...a...well...problems?"

"It seems that some uncomputable force desires to see your rather tanned body, because, it will desentergrate any exterior covering of..."

"Don+t rub it in rivet-head. I already know that. And if I hear you laugh,..."

"Through computations, I have determined a course of action."

"I'll let you go on this time," Enad said in a rather reluctant way.

"Holographics." With that there were a few hums as several of the numerous 'mini-machines' of which he was composed, kicked into action.

"Mind something a little more modern," Enad inquired as a hologram of a toga covered his body. There, not bad even if you did do it. Might even have some advantages."

"The range of opperation is a half-light year. I must say however, I am qite repulsed at such meanial tasks which seem..."

"One more word," Enad warningly cut in, "and I'll use a can opener on you."

"Never liked machines," Enad mumbled as he examined his surroundings. "Can't believe Taft would even give up this mudpuddle of an island." He went over and flicked on the video equipment on Kwamkut. He watched the events he had missed out on...for certain reasons. He wanted vengence, but he knew he didn't have the power, even with brain-bolts, to create much of a threat.

He sat down, grinning over the events. "This is getting good," he said as the jury was about to tell its verdict. "Hey, what's a lousy commercial doing on one of these things!"

"Ultimate Technologies has included into my memories..."

"He's learning," Enad thought as the unit shut up with a glance from him.

"Interesting turn of events," Enad said. "Just like some sort of fictional soap opera." Enad sat there a while thinking, "Blue is a jerk. All that 'blue' is good for is toilet bowl cleaning!" Enad said in a slightly jealous and hurt tone. It hurt him to see Adena hurt, even by that...it... "Maybe she would change her mind now and return to me and maybe we could love each other again..." He was dreaming. He knew she thought power meant more to him than she did; that is why she left. "Maybe I could change for her and her for me..."

"Sir," Kwamkut interrupted. "You have caught up on these events. My scanners cannot see the future so, if I may allow myself to shut down video unit..."

"OK." He started talking aloud now. "If I could only see her once again."

"Who, sir?"

"What's it to ya?"

"I have the capability of atomic transfer."


"Ever see Star Trek?"

With that, his cylindrical shape grew to the height and width to accomodate a person.

"You can send me to Adena?"

"Yes, great sir."

"But how will you get there?"

"My jet packs, although obviously much slower, can accomodate such transportation as..."

Enad hopped aboard and chuckled while saying, "Beam me up Scotty." "Now I know how Jameson feels," Enad mumbled as his body was being transfered to Adena. "No more seconds to Iffley now," he thought.

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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