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Enad had materialized behind a reclining chair in Blue and Adena's bedroom. In the bed, Blue was fighting the sheets in a nightmarish way. Across from the bed a beautiful girl (Susan Smith V, chomping on some gum) was dressing. "Wow," was the only word Enad could vocalize.

Enad quickly left the room totally confused. "Let's see: Adena left Blue; Kwamkut beamed me to Adena; Adena isn't here, but Blue is. What the heck is going on? Where is my...where is Adena?"

Just around the corner, he saw Adena weeping and heard some barely concevable mumbling. "Please recover Blue, I know you can make iiittttt......" A doctor was now consoling her.

"Why does she love Blue?" he mumbled to himself as he tip-toed away.

Kwamkut casually strolled up scaring the heck out of Enad. The first thing Enad asked is: "What in Sam Hill is going on here?"

"Sir," a mechanical voice answered, "through a strange phenomonia, high energy was emitted from Blue's brains (what little there is), apparently caused 1 by high intensity, possibly from the drug Taft's agent injected."

"Do you mean a lousey tin can led me on a wild goose chase for a dream his monitors picked up?"

"No sir, I did."

Enad sat there a moment not quite sure how to retort when he thought outloud, "You mean Adena loves Blue and that nothing ever happened and that she and me..." He couldn't finish.

"Yes sir, no sir, yes sir. Adena apparently loves Blue, my monitors did pick up some rather human functions in Blue's room just before your transport here, and you don't stand a chance."

Enad angrily reached for the main power switch on Kwamkut when he heard some footsteps. "Hop in," Kwamkut said.

"Nothing is happening!"

"Must be a malfunction sir. I will have to use my jet packs." With that Kwamkut lifted off, Enad feeling a bit air-sick.

"There was Blue, right in my hands," Enad thought, trying not to think of the ride. Out loud he said, "how about back to my castle?"

"It has just rained sir, leaving it no foundation. Besides, logically we should hide back on Able where they will think we are still held captive."

"Good thinking..err..computing. That just saved you from being a sardine package."

Upon arrival to the island, it took several days for Enad to recooperate from his trip. Kwamkut had used an auto-repair extention for the repair of the transportation unit and for some minor calibration.

Enad woke up with a start, "ADENA!" As much as his heart strove for that beautiful stranger in Blue's bedroom, he couldn't forget Adena.

"I see you wish to be informed that Adena is being held captive by Kirk Jameson."

"What!!!!" Enad roared with full strength and pride. Kwamkut updated him, but as expected, Enad was very cautious. "Are you sure your sensors are calibrated right? A Susan Smith V? Iffley a statue?"

"Yes, great one."

Enad thought, "so it is Blue and Adena. Well, if I can't have her, neither can Blue-boy! Besides there is always this Susan."

"What do you mean Great Sir?"

"Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, right?"

"Primitive, but yes."

"Could you adjust your transporting system to change the molecules of Kirk Jameson to Energy, where he would have no control over himself, thereby entrapping Adena?" He laughed with the last few words.

"Quite logical for a human."

Moments later the molecules of Kirk Jameson turned to a bright light. The plants around him bathed themselves in the radiance enjoying the surge of photosynthesis. "How can those plants enjoy him?" Enad the Great wondered.

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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