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With strained courtesy, Adena had shown Iffley and his party off of Furanose. After she was out of the sight of her staff and guards, she limped down to her main study where she sank thankfully into her chair. Her bare feet were bruised and blistered from the walk home. "I thought exercise was good for you," she shook her head ruefully. Adena closed her eyes and set her chair in a horizontal position. She was quite tired and drifted off into a dreamless sleep when a knock was heard at the door. Adena reset the chair to its original position, and called to the door, "Enter," she said in a tired voice. Her centurian entered and bowed, "This better be important," she greeted with a worn smile.

"Pardon for the disruption, m'lady. A note has arrived that should be brought to your attention." He handed her a nondescript piece of paper.

She read it with concerned eyes, "Thank you, centurian you did well to bring it here. 1 will deal with it," she said with a sigh.

The centurian looked concerned, and asked, "M'lady, do you require anything. If I may be frank, you appear slightly pale."

Adena glanced up, "No, centurian. Your concern and observation are noted. I am satisfactory. You may go now." With a concerned bow, the centurian left at her dismissal.

Adena swung her chair to face the open window of the study. So, Enad was back from the eighth dimension with a few susprises up his sleeve. She should have finished him off when she had him in her power. She felt frustrated with the situation and herself. I wonder if Iffley knows of this, she mused to herself. Perhaps I should,... The door sounded again. "Come in," she said through clenched teeth.

The centurian entered once again, prepared for his mistress' response of impatience. "There is a man here to see you, m'lady. He says that he has business to discuss with you."

Adena answered, "Who does he identify himself as?"

"Mr. B.C. Randolf."

Adena whitened slightly, "Show him in, Centurian."

The centurian bowed Randolf in and closed the door. "Adena, we meet again. Now how about that business proposition." He eyed the Belt of Excho that was around her waist.

Adena had risen from her chair. "I was under the impression that I was to have time to consider my options."

"You only have one option," he smiled, "1 don't see what the delay is about."

Adena was becoming angered, "You think you can just come hare and demand whatever you wish. I would advise you to leave as you came- quickly!"

"Not until I have what I came for," he bantered.

Adena decided that she needed some assistance to deal with this nuisance. When Bronson turned his head and began to pace the floor awaiting her answer, she quickly summoned her centurians by the Amulet. Now, it was only a matter of waiting for them to arrive. "Now, Mr. Bronson," she began coming around to the front of her desk and perching on the corner, "I really haven't had sufficient time to consider giving up the Be1t. Wouldn't it be best to postpone the decision until I can give it with a clear conscience."

Randolf smirked, "Come on. It's no use trying to buy time. I'11 get it one way or another. If you're so concerned, why don't you just send me back to my lands with that fancy necklace of yours?" Adena was beginning to lose her patience, "I might, except it would be a great deal of energy for a worthless cause."

Randolf's eyes narrowed at the insult. "You know that the belt can only be removed by the one wearing it or by the spell. I don't know the spell so it appears that you are going to have to give it to me!" With that, he reached out and grabbed her right arm and pinned her to the desk.

Adena hadn't counted on his strength and she fidgeted impatiently in his grasp. Suddenly, Randolf was roughly yanked away by the three centurians that Adena had summoned.

"We came as fast as we could, Enchantress," they stated firmly securing their captive.

"Very good, please escort this gentleman to his homeland quickly." She paused as they began to drag Bronson away, "Be it known that you will never again be safe in Furanose, Mr. Randolf."

Once they had left, Adena retook her seat. What a day, she moaned. Well, at least that's one problem solved. Randolf won't get the belt while I've got it. Now... oh, yes. Enad.

She swung back to the window. Should she alert Iffley who was irritated with her over the game? No, as long as Furanose was safe and Enad made no threatening moves, Iffley was safe. They could settle their personal differences later.

Next problem, Taft. She had heard that Taft had been having some difficulty lately. Losing his Tiara, Taft had been having a difficult time all right. From what Iffley had told her though, Taft appeared to have resecured his kingdom and his status.

Adena felt drained, she felt that she had dealt with all the problems of the world in one day. She closed her eyes and tried to drift off to sleep. She couldn't dream, she felt as if she had forgotten to do something. She reopened her eyes and tried vainly to remember. Frustrated, she swung her chair around and faded into her bedroom through the mirror. As she brushed her hair, she remembered. His name was... was... She hurled her brush down in frustration. The stress was beginning to affect her. She had to get some sleep, and soon.

She changed into a creamy white riding suit and pulled her hair back from her face in a single tress. She passed back into the study and flung open the door that opened onto the balcony which overlooked the palace's main hall. "Centurian! Centurian!" she called out as she ran down the staircase.

"Yes, m'lady," came the voice from an unseen person.

"Get Prism from the stable and bring her around to the front please." The centurian bowed and did as he was asked. "Leffy," Adena adressed the Jiffle who had appeared when she had sent up the first shout. "Make sure the house is in order before I return today. I will be out for most of the day so make the most of it."

"Yes, Enchantress," he bowed off to organize his staff.

Adena checked to see if there was anything she had forgotten... the gardens and stables were being tended to as was the palace, the paper work was done and whatever his name was could wait. Everything was taken care of and Adena's Danae, Prism, was saddled and waiting. "Thank you, Centurian." Adena mounted the waiting horse and nudged him upwards. Prism stretched his huge silver wings and soared into the air as his hooves seemed to gallop on nothingness. The centurian returned to the stables to see that all was in order while Adena and her steed vanished into the horizon.

That seemed to have been hours ago as Adena skillfully landed her beautiful Danae. She unsaddled her and loosed her into the meadow. Prism began to crop the fresh grass and Adena lay the saddle on the ground. Giving her steed a final pat, Adena began walking.

She soon arrived at her destination, Waterfall de Vale. The Waterfall of Farewell. Recalling her history, she identified it as a part of Lake Placid many centuries ago. It had been a favorite place of Wisdym and Adena had always loved it. The water tumbled noisily dawn to the rocks in the pool below. The water table helped to keep the pool at a constant level of about twelve feet. Undercurrents from the waterfall were frequent and could easily form whirlpools that even the strongest swimmer could not escape. That day, however, the surface appeared calm and the day was hot so Adena decided to swim after a while.

She climbed up rampart of rock that over hung the pool near the roaring waterfall. The constant spray from the falls made it slippery but Adena had climbed it many times before and was sure of her footing. She sat at the rock's edge and dangled her feet into the roaring water. As it washed away her stresses and her mind began to calm and clear, Adena tried to remember all that the stranger had said. She still couldn't remember his name but she did remember his looks. She pulled a lock of her hair to the front and began to toy with it. Let's see ... wavy brown hair, fairly... very good build and eyes of sapphire blue. Ahhh, that was it, she told herself. Blue. Now for the rest of the name, it was coming back now and as she remembered, the innate memories of her lineage seemed to stir as she thought of the name....

"Archimedes Ledic!" she suddenly recalled triumphantly, jumping to her feet.

"Yes," came a strong masculine voice from behind her. Shocked, Adena whirled uncautiously around to face the speaker for a moment before the spin caused her to lose her footing and fall into the roaring water below. She heard someone shout her name before she hit the water. She struggled for the surface as she felt her legs being towed in the opposite direction.

Suddenly, the whirpool had her and she felt herself losing her last reserves of oxygen. She was already too close to unconsciousness to hear someone dive in beside her and to feel the strong arms snatch her from the swirling water to pull her to the surface.

Archimedes stood there looking anxiously at the slowly breathing figure. She should regain consciousness soon, he knew. The memories that Aven had of Wisdym were exactly the memories that Archimedes was forming of Adena. Stubborn, independent, yet gentle and intelligent, and beautiful. He looked around the Waterfalls. He recognized them as the place where Aven had disbanded his powers after he had watched Wisdym leave this world.

He turned as he heard a shuddering cough behind him. Adena had pushed herself into a sitting postion and her hair had fallen into her face. Archimedes stooped to her side to see if he were needed. Adena glanced up quickly in alarm. "Are you allright now? That was quite a fall you had and straight into a whirlpool, too. Please accept my apologies for startling you so. I approached invisible so Wisdym's amulet didn't detect me."

Adena looked at him with confusion, "Thank you for pulling me out." Finally, her curiosity gave out, "How did you know where I was. Very few know of this place."

"We both hold ancestors that knew of this place. I felt that I could seek you out here. I will go if you wish me to." He turned to pick up his tunic that he had taken off and spread out on a rock to dry.

"I didn't mean it that way," she said, touching his arm. "There is no need for you to go, unless you want to." She removed her hand from his arm and began to wring the water out of her hair.

"I'd like to stay." He sat down beside her. "It won't dry that way. Allow me." He took his shirt and rubbed the water out of her hair.

"Thanks," she said. "Where did you get the name 'Blue'? I personally prefer Archimedes."

"My nickname came from my propensity for the color. No other good reason. You can call me by what you prefer though."

"I hope I haven't insulted you. I didn't mean to," she asked, biting on her lower lip.

"Not at all, Aedelaide," he answered calling her by...

"My middle name! how did you know that?" she demanded, pulling away.

"A lucky guess," he teased.

"I don't believe you," she stated flatly. "Where did you learn of it?"

"Let's just say, I did my homework."

Her eyebrow was still skeptically raised but she accepted his answer-for the time being, she told herself.

The sun was setting behind Adena and Archimedes as they returned to where Prism had been put to pasture. Waiting with her was the sky-blue Danae, Waterfall, that Adena had summoned. Archimedes was most impressed.

"I wasn't aware that you owned such a lovely animal," he stated walking around the horse.

"Animals are my specialty," she stated simply. "Shall we go..." The rubies began to flicker. Archimedes watched in interest this was his first time to see the amulet working.

Adena was concentrating. Images ... Iffley telling her of Enad and the danger he posed. The Keys must be assembled to defeat him. They must meet at Mt. Everest on Phire Island. Hurry!!!

Adena glanced at Archimedes and told him what she knew. "I will come to. It is my territory and I hold the sixth key. It will be needed."

Adena somehow knew that he spoke the truth. They saddled and mounted the Danaes and flew off towards the beckoning Island of Phire in the sparkling blue sea.

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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