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The moon was shining over the cool and refreshing lake, and the darkness was dreary, floating as it always did. Only one sea~-worthy craft was left afloat, and that held the mysteries of the past, the murder of Suzanne Jones.

Aboard the sleek craft were two people, Gomlik Smakimze and John Brown. In between the two was a pile of bones. The two looked at each other, each with an untrusting glare. They had'nt found what they were looking for, and each thought the other had hidden it.

Gomlik and John had gone a long way back.. They met each other in high school, when they had a typing class together. Their old teacher, the hag that she was, always gave them the lowest possible grades, and they became friends in summer school. 10 years later they robbed a jewelry store. While escaping from the law, they ducked into a butcher shop. They had to hide the jewely there!

And now they were enemies. Suzanne Jones had come and bought the porter house steak that they had hidden the jewelry in. They knew that. So where was it????????????

 © 1983, 

T. G. Taft

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