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The Cloud Without a Lining

The moon was shining over the long, green yard, and the darkness was dreary, floating as it always did.

Suzaane Jones the II was in the kitchen talking on the telephone to her boyfriend, Robert, and her brother Stan was watching television in the livingroom. David was in the bedroom, thinking. All he could hear was the theme of the twighlight zone oozing through the bottom of the bedroom door. Suzanne should have been home hours ago. She had went grocery shopping two hours ago, after supper. Ah, yes. Supper. That was the best porter house steak that he had had in ages. A little lumpy, perhaps, but delicious.

Suddenly the door bell rang. David rushed up, for that had to be her. As he opened the door a fateful "Sworshk" came through the door and took the three of them to a luminous cloud in the night. They saw, on the cloud, a huge castle in the background. They started running to it, but they fell through the cloud and burst open on the ground.

MORAL: Always check your porter house steaks for jewelry, or your family may burst open on the ground.

 © 1983, 

T. G. Taft

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