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The Plague and The Power II

"Bronson, what's the status on 'The Plague'?"

"Oh, it's going beautifully. Today we're going to be shooting a segment on the destruction of the Domain. One of the dragons broke-down, so shooting won't start until later."

"I'll have to come by and watch. It sounds like you might have a hit on your hands."

"Yes. I believe it will be. I do think it will be controversial though. It will probably be viewed similarly to a movie of the early 1980's AD. The movie was called The Day After, and attracted much attention to the results of a nuclear holocaust."

"Yes, I've heard of it. However, there is a difference. Their fear of holocaust was real. Fortunately we destroyed the cause of the Plague before we built Mars Base, or this could have really happened."

"I know. It could have been as bad as, or even worse than, the real Plague. I've seen old film clips and movies showing what happened. That's where I got some of the ideas for scenes in the movie. It should be good. Set in modern times, filmed on location, with real inhabitants. By the way, did you enjoy those clips I sent you?"

"Very much. However, this movie will have to be restricted to more mature audiences. Little children should not see young girls squished and mothers eaten alive. It could cause nightmares."

"I know. I've had a few bad dreams about some of the scenes myself. Oh well, I have to get back to the set and check out progress. Call me when you finish the new model of the palace. The first cut of the scene where my palace gets destroyed just didn't make it."

"Okay. I'll see to it. If this turns out anything like it should, this movie will be a big success."

"I certainly hope so. I'll see you later Madison, good-bye."

* * * * *

The casual observer may wonder how Bronson became involved in movie making. The idea was proposed during explorations of Mars before the base was built. Realizing that the Plague had originated on Mars, the planners of the base decided something should be done to prevent the Plague from returning to Earth. Therefore, Mars was ridded of the Plague causing substance through the use of powerful chemicals. One may ask why those chemicals were not used on the Plague on Earth. It was. It caused the Plague to be only slightly affected. However, it was found that on Mars, where the atmosphere is different and the Plague is in germ form, the chemical would work. Therefore, the Plague was exterminated at its origin.

While the planning for the detoxification process was going on, one of the members of the board started talking about what would happen should the Plague be brought back to Earth. Another of the planners said that something like that was just the type of thing a writer or a producer of the era before the Plague would love to make a project of. Therefore, the "germ" of an idea sprung from the destruction of the "germs" of the Plague. In the jest of the one board member, two of the other members, James Spielburg, a descendant of a pre-Plague movie producer, and Arthur King, descendant of a pre-Plague writer of horror stories, got an idea. They worked together on this idea and came up with a script, title, and everything. However, they lacked one thing -- money.

The lack of money caused them quite a predicament. Therefore, they went to their boss, an avid movie buff, Mr. Bronson C. Randolf. Bronson liked the idea and thought the project would fare well. He donated a large sum of money, from his personal estate, and helped raise the rest through benefits and private donations. The response to his request for donations to the project met with overwhelming success. In a few short weeks, more than enough money was raised to begin work on the film. Spielburg and King worked as co-producers on the project, and Bronson helped in overseeing accounts and getting transportation to the various shooting locations.

The project was now nearing completion and the date for the premier showing had already been set. The movie, The Plague and the Power, promised to be a big success. The premier performance had already sold out. There was a long waiting list on tickets for other showings. This would surely be a hit.

* * * * *

Things were going well with the shooting. The money promised to hold out, and the weather was cooperating. The damaged dragon was fixed and things were on schedule again. The movie would be finished in time for its debut.

After checking and double checking all these things, Bronson returned to his palace for a little relaxation. A few laps in the pool and a sauna later, Bronson was feeling in top shape again. He decided to go on a pleasure flight before dinner. Soon he was in the hanger preparing to take off in his Starstrike II. In no time he was soaring above Ranier, over the old Temple of Excho, across the gulf and into Furnose. He flew over the Waterfall of Vale where a small herd of Unicorns was drinking from its pool. He circled around and flew amongst the islands between Furanose and Ranier. Next he swung around over the large island that was the Rainforest of Renasence. He finally came once again to the City of Paradise and his palace there. All these sights were beautiful and real. In his movie they had all been destroyed. Fortunately, it was only a movie and not real. Before landing he said a little prayer, thanking God for these beautiful things and all the other gifts he had received. Most of all, he was thankful for being given the ability to wipe out the cause of the Plague and prevent it from ever happening again.

 © 1985, 

K. Blaire, L. Charles, D. Conrad, Enad the Great, A. Mann, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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