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The Awakening

The air was crisp that morning. The land of Ranier was glistening with fresh-fallen snow. One could sense a feeling of wonder and excitement. Bronson was pleased with what Madison had accomplished with the Spell of Restoration and Regeneration. The barren desert was now restored to the seas that were swallowed up by the chalices. This was a small task, however, compared to what lay ahead. The seas were simply lacking water before the spell was performed. After this was replaced, the creatures of the sea, the plants, and the reefs were rehydrated, bringing each of them back to life. However, Furanose was completely destroyed. It needed its mountain ranges and its hills. It needed its lakes, waterfalls, and its forests. Practically everything on Furanose had been destroyed when the House of Wizards was destroyed. As Bronson surveyed the once beautiful, but now wasteland, that was once Furanose from his Starstrike IIA space/aircraft, he was appalled. All that he found to be relatively undamaged was the city of Odina, and Adena'a palace there.

After a final look over, Bronson returned to his palace. The city of Paradise, where his palace stood, was bristling with activity. Much had happened since Bronson's return from the brief fighting near Saturn. The seas had been restored, plans were being made to restore Furanose, and install the Intrusion Protection Apparatus there, Alarius had defenses placed on it, including the IPA, and the building up of the fleet was nearing completion.

Bronson was met in the landing bay by Madison. Fifteen squadrons of the new Starstrike IIB fighter plane were poised for take-off in the bay. In a bay close by, twenty squadrons of A-51 attack/torpoedo planes sat awaiting their assignments.

"I see the new fighters are ready to be deployed. We will finally have a force capable of policing all of our bases and other holdings."

"Yes, Bronson. There are also five more squadrons of ten planes each of new A-51's and ten more squadrons, of the same size, of SSIIB's about to be completed in our factories. Speaking of completed, I see you have completed your scouting mission. I will be ready to restore when you are to leave for Furanose again."

"Do you think you can do it without me? I really need to tour a few of the new Madison class ships and the new Archangel class carriers today."

"Yes. That will be no problem. I will just use the Belt to get me there. It will also be handy if I need to contact you. Have you decided where the best place to work from would be?"

"Yes. For reconstruction over all, you should perform the spell from the high tower of Adena's palace. You can view for miles there and most of the land will be affected by the spell from that point. To restore the Waterfall of Vale you must go directly to it and stand on top of the cliff. For the rest of the land not affected from the tower, you must go to this area that I have marked on this map."

"Okay. Has all this been cleared with the people of Furanose?"

"Yes. They will be waiting with open arms. I will come a while later and check progress. I will also bring a crew to set up the IPA and install other defenses."

"In that case, I will be off."

At that, Madison left for Furanose and was soon on the tower chanting the spell.

* * * * *

Soon Bronson was making his rounds on his new ship. He gave a quick walk over his four new Madison class ships. These were: the Zephyr, the Exeter, the Augusta, and the Normandy. The six new carriers of the fleet were: the Texas, the Archangel, the Nimitz III, the Mercury, the Heritage, and the Marlin. These new carriers were of the Archangel class. Each carried five squadrons of SSIIB's and five squadrons of A-51's. The carriers were already equipped with planes. The new planes were to be deployed on the class ship Madison, as well as for use on ground bases. Ten smaller cruisers had been added to the fleet as well. These were not toured that day, but had been inspected earlier. These were Battle Cruiser class ships simply named: BCI, BCII, BCIII, BCIV, BCV, BCVI, BCVII, BCVIII, BCIX, and BCX.

* * * * *

After the inspections were over, Bronson returned to Adena's Palace of Odina to meet Madison. As he flew over the Waterfall of Vale, he saw the magnificient work Madison had done. The same was true of everything he saw. Madison had done well. As he arrived, he saw a great party in progress at the palace. There were hundreds of people eating, drinking and cheering Madison. As Bronson joined the party, he too was cheered. The installment of the IPA had already begun and would be completed by the end of the next day.

"Well, Madison. It looks like a success. I do believe Adena will be pleased."

"One of her shuttles is at the City of Remembrance. You may be able to contact her there."

"Possibly. Give me the Belt. I will use telepathy to contact her ship."

He placed the Belt on himself, began to transmit, and these words appeared on the terminals of the Casablanca:

To Adena the Enchantress.

Please meet me at your palace in Furanose. I have a very big surprise for you. I believe it will please you. Contact me when you receive this message.


                   Bronson Randolph of Ranier

"That should do it. I am exhausted. The people of Furanose have offered us suites in the palace where we can stay overnight. I believe I will go to my suite now."

"You go ahead, Bronson. I believe I will stay here a while longer. This is the most fun I've had in a long time."

"Good night, Madison. Have your fun. You deserve it."

At that, Bronson retired. Madison went on to become sufficiently innebriated and went to bed to sleep it off.

 © 1985, 

K. Blaire, L. Charles, D. Conrad, Enad the Great, A. Mann, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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