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The Official Rules of the Story War

The Story War's entire basis for existance is to act as an outlet for overactive creativity. Rules, it seems, tend to bog down creativity, and therefore there are only five to this immensely popular saga. Any amendment to these rules must be agreed upon by three fourths of the active authors at the time.

1. No one author can take more than one Key at a time per story, nor can any "alliance" end up with all the Keys at the end of a day's stories. Two exceptions:

a) The alliance lacked not more than one Key before the day began.

b) All authors involved agree.

2. No author may launch more than one story per day.

3. No author can kill another's main character: That is, the official main character listed in the Personal Files of the Main Characters, located elsewhere in this book.

4. Any story may be nuked, that is removed from the Book, if agreed upon by more than one half of the active authors. I, as Book Keeper, though, must caution anybody on the use of this power. Though only one story, to date, has been nuked, a threat of one can hurt many a feeling.

5. No character may be seen in public naked.

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