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A Fix For A Fix

As Bronson pushed the buttons on the console, he realized that he had made a grave mistake. Instead of giving the command for the base to self-destruct as originally, he, in his haste, pressed a wrong button and gave the command to launch an attack. The unaimed missiles automatically homed-in on the nearest target within their range. He was relieved to see that the attack was defeated by the Scimitar. After a short period of reasoning, he decided not to destroy the base after all. He did decide, however, on a different plan of action.

Moments later, Enad reappeared on the view screen.

"Well Bronson, what do you say? Do I get the Belt, or do I expose you to Iffley?"

"Go ahead. Tell Iffley. I have things under control. Furthermore, if you try anything else, I shall destroy my base with you on it."

After a moment of thought, Enad decided it would be in his better interest to leave well enough alone for the time being.

"I don't know whether you are bluffing or not, Bronson. But for the time being, I will not call your bluff."

"A wise choice Enad."

"Yes. But just remember, there will be another time and another place."

With that, Enad disappeared from the screen and prepared to leave Phoebe.

Bronson, however, was not finished. He reactivated the scanner and tracked Enad's Cantible. He then launched a carefully aimed attack of five disability missiles. Seconds later, there were five evenly spaced, small explosions. The first three missiles penetrated the Cantible's defense shie1d. The last two hit the ship and disabled the ships control, guidance, and propulsion systems. This left Enad's ship disabled, but not completely destroyed. Except for minor cuts, burns, and bruises, Megan and Enad were relatively unhurt. The ship was thus a practically useless hulk, with two people on board frantically trying to put out small electrical fires, and assess the damage done by the missiles.

Once the hits were confirmed, Bronson contacted the Scimitar. The following message was sent:

To:  Surralio Iffley,

     Captain, Starship Scimitar

Enad is stranded in his disabled ship, the Cantible. He is just out of the gravitational pull of the moon Phoebe. The base on Phoebe is mine; however, Enad infiltrated it and is responsible for the attack on the Scimitar. He is there, and you may do with him as you will. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Congratulations on your enterprises in Taft's Domain and Alarius. Good luck to you.


                             Bronson C. Randolf,

                             Chancellor of Ranier

Not long after, Bronson received a brief message:

To:  Bronson C. Randolf,

     Chancellor of Ranier

Thank you for the information. It may be of use.

                                  Surralio Iffley,

                                  Captain, Starship Scimitar

At that, Bronson got back to the business at hand. At the moment of Enad's interruption, he had been working on a device to prevent such infiltrations as the one on Phoebe. Once the device was perfected, any ship of any kind trying to enter the air space of Ranier or any of its colonies or bases would immediately be caught in a tractor beam and brought to the ground. The beam would keep the ship on the ground and its occupants inside. The forces of Bronson would then commandeer the ship, and investigate it. It would be either set free, impounded, or destroyed.

Just then, Bronson heard someone enter the room. He looked up to see Madison.

"Hello Madison. How was your trip?"

"It was fine. I was able to get some things done that needed to be, and even had some time to do some thinking on your new defense system."

"You mean our system. I couldn't have accomplished half of what I have without your help, and you know that."

"Thank you. You have learned well from me. I am glad you picked up the trait of humbleness. Now, back to the defense system. I believe I found the answer to our questions about the Intrusion Prevention Apperatus. Let us test these new plans and see how it works. "

After several successful tests, Madison and Bronson felt the IPA was ready to be put to use. In no time, the device would be operational in Ranier. Therefore, the pair prepared to leave for Phoebe to have the system installed there. The IPA would complete the defense systems of both Ranier and Phoebe.

Soon Madison and Bronson were off on Bronson's newest and greatest ship, the Madison. The Madison was named, of course, for Bronson's loving mentor and great friend, Madison. It had the most advanced ion-drive engines ever made. It had the latest in offensive and defensive weapons. Thus, the Madison was the most formidable ship of the day. It had in addition, its own squadron of attack space planes, and one large ion-wave gun capable of destroying a planet the size of Neptune or Uranus, and the ability to take a large hunk out of a planet such as Jupiter.

Now prepared for take-off, the Madison and its crew were ready to insure the safety of Bronson's colonies in space.

 © 1984, 

K. Blaire, L. Charles, D. Conrad, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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