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En Garde

by Bronson Colt Randolf

The Enchantress finally arrived at Iffley's base on the Moon. The Madison had already arrived. Iffley immediately went to the meeting hall to meet with Madison and Bronson.

"Iffley, we've found out that the disturbance is coming from the House of Wizards. However, we cannot pinpoint its location."

"I'm not sure of its location, but I know how to get there. We must find the House of Mirrors."

"Is there any way we can plot its location by pinpointing the epicenter of the power?"

"Madison, I believe you have it! I can home in on the Amulet through the Sceptre."

Hurriedly they tried to pinpoint the location of the Amulet. Suddenly, Iffley let out a muffled sound of both anxiety and joy.

"I believe I've found her. There is a great amount of Power eminating from the area at the Waterfall of Vale."

"That must be it. Let's go."

At this, the group boarded a shuttle and set out for Furanose. As they arrived, they saw a great light being reflected off the waters of the fall. Iffley ran behind the Fall to see a long tunnel.

"This is it. We've found it!"

At the end of the tunnel they found a large room filled with mirrors. They stared in awe of the sight. Bronson was the first to speak:

"We are here, but how do we know which mirror is the door to the House of Wizards?"

"The Sceptre will guide us. Come, follow me." They soon found the mirror. They entered into a corridor. Down at the end of the hallway, a great light was seen. Madison immediately ran to see the source of the light. As he entered, he saw Adena, dressed completely in black laughing at and taunting the three prisoners. Archie/Blue sat there completely dumbfounded. Aven and Wisdym were both looking very drained from drawing on each other in a futile attempt to escape.

"Adena, you must stop this. You don't know what you re doing!"

"I know exactly what I am doing, Madison! Don't try to stop me."

"But I must at least try to stop you." At that, Madison attempted to stop her with a spell. This action proved futile as he was hurled across the room and rendered unconcious. Bronson was the next to enter.

"Ah. Who do we have here? If it isn't Bronson with the Belt. Give it to me!"

'No. I will not give it up without a fight. Either I will stop you, or you will stop me!" At that, Bronson was hurled in much the same manner Madison was and also rendered unconscious. The Belt was simultaneously brought into the clutches of Adena. She put it around her waist and 1ooked to see Iffley holding the Sceptre.

"So, you have come too. And bearing gifts none-the-less."

"Yes, I have come, but not with gifts. I have come to stop you."

"You will never stop me, now give me the Sceptre or I will do to you as I have done to Bronson and Madison."

"In that case, en garde, Madame."

 © 1984, 

K. Blaire, L. Charles, D. Conrad, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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