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He sighed with delight. Here he was, at Mount Rushmore, and the view was terrific. A beautiful place for his honeymoon, he thought. And it would have been if he hadn1t lost his wife on the plane. But then he was always losing things. He had lost his plane ticket, he had lost the tour guide, he even lost his hotel key. (though it wouldn't be much good without his wife anyway) But he was still at Mount Rushmore. What were the names of those heads on the mountain again? He didn't know. He had lost his tour book.

She sighed with disgust. Where had he gone? Here she was in Asuncion, Paraguay, and no sign of her new husband. Wait a minute, she had gotten married right? Oh yes, last night. Or was it this morning? She forgot. But then she was always forgetting things. Oh well. She might as well forget about it.

He decided to see if he could find his way back. Suddenly, deep in a canyon, he saw an airplane with two men boarding it. He climbed aboard to ask them how to get unlost, but the plane took off before he could find the pilot. He ended up in the cargo bin. Up in the cabin he heard the two people talk. "We got away with it, all right, but where we gonna stash the loot?" How about Asuncion, Paraguay? A good place. They'll never find us there." He stayed away from the cabin from then on, but he couldn't get to' it even if he wanted to. He was lost in the cargo bin.

She forgot. What did she forget? She had forgotten. But things were getting better. She was beginning to forget to forget. Suddenly she saw a plane on the horizon. She ran over to watch it land.  It landed on a tiny airstip in North Asuncion. As the plane landed, he climbed out. (Yes he found the door) She saw him and went running to meet him. They embraced and kissed each other in a tender hold that was true love. It was beautiful, and a lasting experience for all to savor. Stop for a moment before reading on.

They escaped just before the men came out of the plane. That was lucky. It was also lucky that they found their way back to America. Where in America? No one knows. They're probably lost. But as long as they're lost with each other they can be happy. For happiness is forgetting that you’re lost--together.

 © 1983, 

T. G. Taft

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