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The starving raven continued to take its last, few, dying breaths: If no food arrived within a minute it would be sure to die. But wait: What was that? The poor bird meekly looked up and saw a worm squiggling only inches away. If only he could get up and reach the worm: Maybe, just maybe, he could have enough nutrition to last till he could find some more. Just inches away.... "Aaaaah!" said the worm, as he entered the deep, dark, hungered cavern.

Richard slowly sat back in his big custom-made command chair, and looked down at the peaceful world of T'mir. It was that world that he had found paradise, and, doggone it, he wish he could stay there. But all would not be lost. After he had returned from Earth, where Dion had said she had gone, he would return and utterly destroy Jonathon's puny fleet.

"Act full speed ahead!" He screamed, and the process began.

**T. G. Taft**

The orbit of the planets wavered a bit in honor of the galactic reverb: And after a day or so of traveling, a report came through over the Act's ship-to-ship communicators. It seems that the Domain fleet had happened upon a huge Ranierian fleet while trying to reenter the Earth's orbit, and had engaged combat, since the Ranierian fleet had refused to surrender. The results had been disastrous: The Phoenix, Cutlass, Corona, and Ambrosia had been destroyed before the fleet could do so much as pull away. But, finally, luckily, they had; and the rest of the fleet was safe: At least for the moment.

"Prepare to meet with the fleet. We will have to determine some way to rid ourselves of the blockade." Richard sighed and leaned back in his chair.

**T. G. Taft**

The horizon became more and more clear as the surroundings became more and more black. The three huge ships, and the tiny one next to it, were quite shaken up; nevertheless they continued on their journey. The tiny ship took the lead, followed by the others in a triangle formation. The Myxomycophyta led, with the Lycopsida to its right and the Coniferophytae to its left. The group slowed as it neared another ship. Enad, noticing it as a ship which looked very much like the one his good buddy T. G. Taft owned, made radio contact. Richard was more than happy to have three more ships on his side, and made peace with the Pents.

The group, after combining with the rest of the Domain's fleet, was briefed on the complete hostile attitude that Ranier had against all intruders. (Whether or not this was true is not known; however, that is what Richard's men reported to Pent.) The new fleet approached the Ranierian fleet and began combat. Before the Taft forces could get off a second shot, however, (the first destroyed one-hundreth of a shield off of the Exeter) a simple laser from the Augusta crossed the Troubador's bow and instantly disintegrated it. The ship was so easily exploded, in fact, that the slightly weakened laser continued on into the Lycopsida, which was directly behind the Troubador. The Lycopsida took the blow and was instantly destroyed.

Sir Pent, aboard the Myxomycophyta was outraged. "Prepare the zim-bam gun!" He ordered. The bridge immediately buzzed with action.

Richard tried to contact Pent. "The what??"

Pent pushed a button on his console in a now-you'll-see fashion. "The zim-bam gun. It turns every electron that it encompasses into a positive charge; thus causing repulsion and expansion. You'll see." At that moment, a tiny green beam zoomed out of the nose of the Myxomycophyta and hit the Augusta's shields broadside. The shield's electons turned to protons, and it expanded. Eventually, not being able to withstand the pressure, her shields popped, much like a balloon. The zim-bam ray continued into the Augusta herself.

It convulsed, and grew in size. Its huge metal sides, once completely solid-looking, became weary. The entire ship grew to twice the size of any around it, and then it too exploded. The shower of metal was enough to make any real person cry, especially a true-blue Ranierian.

Bronson quickly ordered his fleet to the other side of the Earth to regroup and plan his next strategem. Meanwhile Enad led Pent and his two remaining ships inward to the Earth, where he transported them to Furanose. "Enad will get his," Enad thought, as he ordered Kwamkut to begin the work.

An obese raven, pleasantly full after finding a field full of crickets, noticed a strange man walking with his face in his hands along a sidewalk. Sticking out of the man's back pocket was a strange piece of blue paper. The raven, very curious now, flew down and grabbed the paper to make a nest. Little did he know that he had just taken a set of blueprints for a new type of spaceship from none other than Suralio Frith Iffley....

Richard quietly reached into his pocket and took out a tiny, little black box. On it's top edge a tiny red light was flashing vigorously. "She's near!" He screamed, unable to keep his happiness to himself.

The box was a tiny homing device that Richard had put on Dion right before she left. He had an idea that Iffley was up to no good, and he wanted to know exactly where Dion was in case they didn't return. "Navigator, set course for the coordinates given here." He handed her the tiny box.

"Sir, that's the moon."

"The moon," Richard thought to himself. "Well, so let it be."

The Lunar Penal Colony was actually not as bad as Dion had imagined it. She looked dashing in her striped space suit, breaking apart moon rocks while a guard stood watching nearby. Yet, oh, how she wanted revenge on that pig-faced Adena. Little did she know that soon her wish would be granted.

The guard didn't know what happened to him. Just as suddenly as he had heard a shimmering noise behind him, he had felt the thud of a rock over his temples. Dion was overjoyed to see her T'mirian lover. She ran over to Richard and kissed him as the group shimmered onto the Act. "Dear, I've got a favor to ask..."

**T. G. Taft**

Enad the Great, Sir Pent, Siress Pent, and a couple of guards shimmered onto a barren field in the middle of Furanose. "This way," volunteered Enad. Eve and Bryant had decided this morning to take a casual morning stroll among a tiny farming village directly outside of Odina. It was here that the poorer folk (if any could truly be called poor) of Furanose lived a simple, but happy life. The two of them walked, hand in hand, admiring the many empty fields that would be planted this summer.

Eve began a conversation. "You know, I have often admired the simple life. It seems that I have had so many troubles...."

"That's because you've always lived a life on the other end of the scale. Believe me, to the lower peons of us"--he smiledó"your life looks very glamorous. Oh, what I'd do to be in your position."

"Why? So you could have my problems?"

"No. But maybe, if I had only a little more, you would consider me more suitable...."

They stopped walking and she looked into his eyes. "More suitable? Oh, no, Bryant... it's not that...."

She brought herself closer to him, and rested her head on his shoulder. His arm came reflexively across to her back.

Suddenly Eve opened her eyes and was amazed as she saw Bryant growing bigger and bigger. She quickly turned around and noticed a small green beam come from behind a haystack. "Daddy!" She screamed, noticing a familiar figure standing in the middle of a field. "Stop!"

But it was too late. Bryant burst into infinity. "How dare you touch my daughter." He said, standing over what was left of a popped bubble.

**T. G. Taft**

Dion remained confused as she again turned down another hall. Good. Still no sign of a guard. She began to wander how this place could even be called secure. On the other hand, if no one could find there way around anyhow... and then she saw the entrance. The entrance to Adena's private study. She entered, finding Adena reading a book on the couch.

"Defend yourself, -----!"

Adena, slightly startled, jumped up and grabbed her Amulet, which hung around her neck. But she writhed in pain as the lacerations burned on her back: She knew better than to move that fast. Dion had not realized that Adena would be hurt, but immediately took advantage of the situation by running over to Adena and making a dodge for her feet. She danced neatly around a hastily thrown laser, and pulled at the legs of the Enchantress. Adena fell to the floor, backwards, and landed on her bandaged back. The wounds reopened, sending Adena into unconsiousness. Dion laughed as she took the Amulet from the neck of her nemesis and pushed a button in her pocket. Adena still had not moved as Dion shimmered into nothingness...

Iffley still had not figured out how he had lost the blueprints. But it was sure a lucky thing that he had made a duplicate copy. Yeah. It seemed that Iffley had always had some back-up plan...

 © 1985, 

K. Blaire, L. Charles, D. Conrad, Enad the Great, A. Mann, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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