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To Destroy Evil

"Augusta to Ranier...Augusta to Ranier...something is happening to us...our shields are gone, the ship is expanding...we're going to AAAAAHHHHHHH............"

* * * * *

And so went the last communication of the ship Augusta. The rest of the Ranierian fleet regrouped on the other side of the Earth, trying to decide on a plan of action. Bronson was soon aboard his flagship, Madison.

"Mr. Randolf, Sir, we have lost the Augusta."

"Yes, I know. Any other news?"

"We have been tracking the ship that destroyed her. We have never encountered one like it before. It and two other ships with similar propulsion systems are with the Domain fleet. These three ships do not appear to be Domain ships though. Their designs, markings, drive, and weaponry are totally different from the Domain's. We are not sure what to make of them."

"I see. Is there any other news?"

"Yes. We have destroyed a large part of the Domain's fleet and..." an Ensign came up to the CO and hands him a slip of paper. "More news has just arrived. It appears that there has been trouble within the Domain's fleet. We have picked up on some garbled communications. From what we can gather, the Captain of the Act has been killed."

"Anything else?"

"Yes. The fleet seems to be coming our way, apparently heading toward the Domain."

"Is there any more news on the unidentified ships?"

"Yes. It has been confirmed that one was destroyed. The other two appear to be turning and leaving the solar system."

"Good. They are leaving. Keep tracking them until they are out of the solar system. Also prepare to attack the Domain's fleet."

"Yes, Sir. With pleasure, Sir." !

"I will be leading the attack from the Madison. Have the rest of the fleet fall in behind and concentrate on the main fleet. Have them attack all but the Domain flagship. The Act is mine."

The Madison soared around the Earth with amazing speed. It was followed by the other Madison class ships and a squadron of destroyer class ships. The Domain fleet was in a quandary over the loss of Richard. They were not prepared for the Ranierian fleet. Soon all Domain ships were destroyed. Only the Act was left. It fired shots haphazardly, barely scratching the defense shields of the Ranierian vessels. All of the Ranierian ships turned and headed back to Earth base--all except for one. The Madison stood before the Act ready to attack. Suddenly a shot broke through the defense shields of the Madison. The weakened laser hit harmlessly on the Madison's main deck and bounced off. Now it was the Madison's turn.

"Take careful aim. We do not want to miss."

"Target locked in. Our ion-wave gun is ready for firing. Would you like to do the honors, Captain Randolf?"

"Thank you. Don't mind if I do."

Seconds later, a tight beam arced through space towards the Act. Suddenly, there was a great flash of light as the beam burst through the shields of the Act and struck its superstructure. A chain reaction started, spreading ionized energy throughout the entire ship. A loud rumble could be heard as a brilliant display of color appeared on the screen of the Madison. Then a tremendous explosion rocked the entire area as the Act gasped its final breath. A cheer rang out on the Madison. All was over. There was nothing left of the Act but a thin residue of molecules floating in space. The reign of the Domain as a super-power in space was over. Its fleet was completely destroyed. There was not a ship remaining on earth flying the colors of the Domain. The people of the Domain readily surrendered, and promised not to provoke Ranier again. Ranier promised likewise not to attack the Domain again unless provoked.

* * * * *

"Bronson, we have detected a ship entering the solar system. I may be mistaken, but I believe it is the ship belonging to your cousin, Enad."

"I believe you may be right. Can you determine how many are aboard?"

"There appear to be two life forms aboard."

"I see. I believe I know just who they are too."

* * * * *

Meanwhile, aboard the Cantible, Enad the Great and Enad the Encephalon were discussing their latest prize--the Tiara--and discussing how to capture another such prize.

"Father, we are nearing Jupiter. We will need to watch for the Ranierian fleet."

"Yes, son. When we find them, we can sneak in as before. This time we will take the Belt of Excho. It will be good to have it back."

Suddenly, there was a jolt, apparently from nowhere. The Enads realized that they have been caught in a tractor beam. They were helpless as they found that they were being pulled in by the Madison.

The Madison had made a warp and was now near Jupiter. They had caught the Cantible by surprise, and now had her in their clutches. Five people suddenly appeared on board the Cantible. Bronson had pulled the ship to within a few miles of the Madison. He was able to use his ring to transport him and four guards aboard with him. The Enads were soon overpowered and the Tiara, which was on the console of the Cantible, was now in Bronson's possession.

"Hello my cousin. Fancy meeting you here, and bearing gifts none-the-less."

"Give that back! Its mine!"

"Not any longer. Guards, do your duty!"

Within moments, both Enads lay unconscious on the floor. They had been injected with a drug that would keep them out for approximatly twelve hours, and erase their memories of the incident.

"Adieu cousins. Until we meet again...if we meet again."

After setting the controls of the Cantible, Bronson transported back aboard the Madison with the guards, and his new Key. The Cantible was released and sped off towards a nearby blackhole. The ETA to the hole was approximately twelve hours, ten minutes.

The Madison docked at Jupiter Base for the night. Early the next morning, Bronson gave the order to prepare for another warp. Within two hours after warp preparations began, Bronson was back on Earth, in his Palace, admiring his new prize.

 © 1985, 

K. Blaire, L. Charles, D. Conrad, Enad the Great, A. Mann, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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