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Enad the Great: The Second Half of the Alliance

The mommy-bird flew the well-known route to her nest. Snug in her beak was a prize for her young one. The fat juicy worm wiggled in hopes of escape when it happened. The hover car struck the poor little mocking bird, sending guts and feathers in all directions. The little worm was free at last, never to be eaten by the baby bird. "If that hover car had hit the tree seconds sooner," the little worm gave a flubbery shake, "the bird would have avoided the area making me a munchy meal."

*   *   *

Enad the Great reclined in the chair which was on the balcony of the hotel. Down below, Enad watched his son and his girl play in the sand, race the waves, and, well.... The more he watched, the more it caused him to reflect on his own life. After all, he was quite a playboy in his life. He thought a little of his wife, but preferred to think about previous people. The one that came strongest to mind was the one just before his wife during his travels about the universe. True she was only a little girl then, but he could wait to reveal himself to her. Then the thought hit him: About now she was old enough, and her parents had told him he was the proper suitor.

Without hesitation, Enad left the hotel and went to the docking bay of the Cantible. During the ride in the Taxi, he considered how he would find her. It had been some time since his travels, and places did become mixed in his mind, but then, what didn't? If he could just remember where that place was. It was no use; he needed something to prod his memory or better yet, since his memory was unreliable, view the past. "THE TIARA!!!!!"

Enad boarded the ship and checked over preflight. The ship was a bit dusty from lack of use lately. Enad had other things to enjoy. But this was what he needed now, a new travel. This would be even more fun, because in order to accomplish it, he had to get one of the Keys. The reward was also kept in mind. Enad flicked switch after switch, bringing alive assorted lights and gauges. "Hello, Great One."

"Nice to see you still remember me. How do you feel?"

"I would assume rather metallic to you." Without hesitation, Enad flicked off the vocal mode of the computer; however, he left on the audio mode so KWAMKUT could receive instruction and listen to his boring tales.

"Think you're so smart don't ya. Ha. See who gets in the last word." Enad stuck his tongue out at the main memory bank, and the lights on the ship started flashing. "Cut it out or I'll turn you off, electron-breath." Things were back to the norm, and the Cantible zipped off mega-fast, retracing a previous route to his home system.

*   *   *

The fat, juicy little worm wiggled its way past scraps of the once new red hover car. Things were different now, but different from what? Perhaps few would understand. It carefully avoided the grey patch of feathers with the small intestines on it, making its way down the path.

*   *   *

When Enad was near his old home, he began the sensor scanning. He wasn't sure where that Key was, but the energy frequencies it emitted gave it a certain distinctness. Recognizable sounds told Enad that the Tiara had been located. "This is too easy." He made a brief search for the other Keys and found them relatively close. His lust however, was, for the moment, not for power. No, it was for something just as good. The Cantible started its heavy deceleration as it passed Pluto's orbit. Jupiter soon came and passed. As he approached Mars, system alerts roared through the ship.

They were like flies on a fall evening at a picnic. They roared to and fro, barely missing each other. It was amazing that such a fleet could fit in such a small area without ramming one another. Of course, that was Bronson's problem. Enad's was a little more obvious. How could he get to the Earth without being noticed? Enad flipped the vocal switch back on. "Can you still transport yourself around?"

"I need minor hull dimension modifications. And if I understand you, I will answer your next question in saying I can not transport the whole lot that far."

Enad leaned back in his chair and put his rusty brain circuits to work. After a moment, he said, "Distance is no problem at all. Just tell me the necessary mods."

Exterior AMTU connections were established at critical points on the exterior of the ship. After that and a little snack, Enad was ready to go. Carefully, taking his forefinger and punching a keyboard with it, he established certain coordinates. Carefully he pressed the button on his joystick causing the AMTU to do its job. The ship glittered, disappeared, then reappeared inside the hull of the Archangel.

"Who would ever scan the cargo area of a Carrier," Enad said in a triumphant tone. "Now for a ship a little closer to the Earth." Enad pecked the coordinates of the cargo hold of the Texas. Again the ship disappeared and reappeared elsewhere. After using the cargo bay of the Marlin and a few other ships, the Cantible was safely on the surface of the Earth. Enad walked to the center of his ship and stepped onto a platform. "Put me in an inconspicuous place in the room where the Tiara is."

The glittering figure of Enad the Great appeared in the room behind a curtain. He soon found out it was a shower curtain when a hand reached in and turned on the water to warm it up. Enad kept quiet; it was about time for his annual bath. The steam rose, fogging up the room. It was getting a little uncomfortable for Enad. When he realized that the owner of the hand left the room, he was out of there. The footsteps were returning so Enad quickly hid in the clothes hamper. He saw, through the crack, Camille admiring herself in the mirror. She was dressed in a towel and the Tiara. "Oh, I'm so beautiful," she said. Carefully Camille took off each and entered the shower.

Enad slowly and quietly crawled out of the hamper, removing a smelly sock or two as he did so. With the Tiara, he exited. The air caused his wet person to get a little cold. His ship was just on the other side of the garden, so he took the shortest route. In the garden, he encountered a couple. The hot pink grabbed at his attention.

He took a second look. It was Eve. The one he was after was right here, and with another man. He was even kissing her. Enad grew rather angry because he was promised to her by her parents. That was how it was with royalty. How did she get on Earth, and what was this guy doing sucking on her face? He was going to think this out before he took aggressive action. If he killed that leech, perhaps Eve would hate him.

Enad needed a little history, so with the Key to his problem in his hands, he looked into the gems and let it reveal Eve's trip and her parents' worry. "Her parents worry. Of course, they don't know where she is. I bet Sir Pent would be totally digusted with the slime back there too. Yes, Eve probably would listen to her father."

The exit from Earth was similiar to the entrance. "Real nice of the ol' cousin to have such large haulers. Couldn't have done it without 'em." Enad giggled a little at his ingenuity. The trip to the Snicker's Galaxy began. It was a rather long way, but with KWAMKUT's help, the time lost wasn't noticed.

*   *   *

Enad took the good news to his friend Sir Pent. After explaining happenings he found out through the use of the Tiara, Eve's parents decided to make the journey to Earth.

"I will take three of my finest ships with me. The Coniferophytae the Lycopsida, and the Myxomycophyta should suffice. I will captain the former. It is the diplomatic ship. My wife is better with the two military ships." The ships traveled to the site of the white hole. After blasting annoying rocks away, the ships entered advancing forward by means of the powerful drives. After a little while, which could have been months in a shuttle craft, a black horizon in the far distance appeared. The Cantible led the way through the mystirious opening.

*   *   *

The little baby bird tweeted its last tweet. The mother had not been to see it in some time. Where was that fat worm at? The bird's slow movements were now none. Its corpse hardened and later decayed. I wonder if it could have sang at some important event if it had lived?

 © 1985, 

K. Blaire, L. Charles, D. Conrad, Enad the Great, A. Mann, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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