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Thoughts of Romance

by Kimberly Blaire

The room was well lighted as the sun shone brightly through the window. The room's furnishings had finally all been installed to their proper places. The canopy bed, situated on the outside wall, was covered with a bright pink bedspread. Eve's teddy bear was set in the center of the pillows leaning against the headboard surrounded by smaller stuffed aminals. The bay window, located near the bed, had a window seat with pale pink pillows. The curtains were covered with small pink flowers on a white background. The bureau was made of oak with a dark finish. The bureau contained all of Eve's riding clothes and undergarments. The bureau was located on the opposite side of the bay window near the lavatory. The walk-in closet was on the other side of the lavatory. The interior of the closet was painted a pale pink the match that of the window seat. The formal gowns were on the left side along with all of her coats. On the right side all of Eve's blouses and short skirts were hung. On the opposite end of the room a couch, a rocking chair and a easy chair were placed. The couch matched the curtains that hung in the bay window and the window behind it. The rocking chair was finished in the same color as the bureau. The cushions were the color of the bedspread. The easy chair was a creme-colored overstuffed chair. To complete the picture the walls were painted in a creme color and the plush rug was the color of the window seats.

Eve stood back admiring the work that she had done to the room. The colors finally matched her personality. She felt that a room should be bright and merry, as she pictured herself the majority of the time.

Eve had just come back from a ride on the danae, which Adena had left for her use. The name of this adorable creature is Lavandar, the color is a stunning violet. Lavendar is just as spirited as Eve is. They had ridden and flown over the entire area with in a four mile radius of the mansion. Lavendar was great company for Eve since Adena had gone back to Earth. She was living in her old kingdom once again. Eve felt quite lonely with no close friend to talk to. Jon was no fun to talk to because he always ended up talking about Iffley's fleet, if you didn't realize how boring that is. The people which she had brought with her were not prepared to talk to her as a friend, just as a subject.

Eve had often thought of Iffley as a companion, but that was always knocked out with one fact. The fact being, he was always galavanting off to play hero to some cause or another. He fe1t that Adena owed him her life. Yet it was she that had last rescued him. The universe's Knight In Shining Armour is what he pictured himself as.

Eve went to the bureau to pull out her lingerie for the evening. She had decided to eat in-room for a change instead of eating with James, Tony, and Ricky. They were begining to bore her also, for all they talked about were the new weapons that were being installed on the new shuttle. They also discussed plans for an experimental complex, where they could get the geniuses to draw plans for more advanced weapons and technology. Eve felt that all of this was fine for office hours, but at dinner it was just too much.

The lingerie which she chose for the evening was black. The robe was black silk with a feathered collar. The main garment was not one that she would be seen in public in. The body was approximately the size of a tight fitting bathingsuit. The neckline was cut in a long V to the naval. The bodice was a very loose-knitted lace. The rest was knitted a little tighter, but not much. This piece of lingerie had been given to her by her mother. It was meant to be her wedding night garment: since that was not to be at home why not put it to a practical use instead of leaving it to be eaten away by moths? Eve for some reason felt that her chances of ever getting to use it in the suductive way it was designed for where very slim.

Eve slipped into the bath, which had been prepared earlier by Sarah. After completing the tasks a bath was meant for, Eve leaned back to relax. She, for some reason, decided to play with the bubbles like she did when she was a child. She gathered then up to her chest and covered the entire upper portion of her body with them. She pretended hat they were the gown she was to wear to a royal ball of some sort. When the bubbles began to dissipate and she heard Sarah setting up a table for her dinner, Eve got out of the tub and slipped on the lingerie. She felt like the sexiest woman in the world and wished she could flaunt in front of someone special.

Sarah had already gone from the room when Eve came from the lavatory. She was shocked to see a basket of fruit in the center of the table. Fruit of this sort was only found on Earth. It must be from Adena! As Eve picked up the basket a card fell from it. It was indeed from Adena, and it was an invitation to spend time at her home on Earth.

This was a chance to see a place that has had spectacular reviews from all who had discussed it. Eve had already made up her mind to go. She would start packing tonight. Forgetting her appearance she ran down stairs in her bare feet and robe to the dining room. She immediately told James, Tony, and Ricky to prepare early the next morning for a trip to Earth. They were all stunned by her appearance and the news that they were unable to reply. Eve suddenly remembered her outfit that she ran out of the room after saying that they were to be ready by 1000 hours.

The three men all started talking at once. Each had a comment on her appearance. None of them had ever seen her with her hair pulled up in puffy bun, exposing her slender neck. None of them had definitely seen her in a robe. Nor had they ever seen her in a dark color such as black. They were all excited about the trip to Earth as well, but not as much as the chance of seeing the princess in so little and so beautiful.

Eve felt quite embarassed that she could have been so naive to have forgotten about her appearance. She was still a little happy that someone else had seen the outfit other than herself, even if they weren't exactly special. Eve then sat down to eat her dinner and planned what to take along with her to Adena's palace. She was certain that she must take Lavendar. On the clothes list she would take the most dazzling evening gowns in the case that they were called for. She would also take riding outfits and clothes for everyday. Eve decided that whatever she forgot, that Adena would surely provide.

That night when Eve finaly crawled in to bed she felt that she could never be happier. She was off to see a friend that she needed to talk to and she was going to see a new planet. With her teddy bear under her arm, Eve drifted off into pleasant dreams of the up-coming trip. The shuttle took off on time, and they all felt excited over the prospect of seeing something highly praised. They landed earlier than expected, yet they were greeted immediately by Adena just the same. Eve ran to greet her best friend with a great big hug without seeing a handsome man standing in the background until her childlike behavior had been observed by all. Eve felt that she had been revived of all the energy she had spent lately. Adena then turned to introduce her to the man in the background, and he was able to watch Eve turn scarlet red with embarassment.

 © 1985, 

K. Blaire, L. Charles, D. Conrad, Enad the Great, A. Mann, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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