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                                        by Enad

The animals stirred in the early morning air as the sun's glow was slowly growing stronger and stronger. The coals in the fire were almost dust as Megan awoke Enad. "I have made the final perparations for the flight. All's green, so whenever you're awake..." It didn't take Enad long to get up. The excitement was flowing within veins in the form of adrenalin.

"And a good morning to you. How long have you been up?" Enad asked slightly upset at not having been awoken earlier.

"Long enough to prepare all that needs it. Breakfast is inside the Cantible." With that each ate heartily. It would take a little patience and time before the use of ultralight speeds could be attained safely out of the solar system.

The roaring to life of the Cantible was a sight to behold. A charge-like static could be felt near the surroundings of the ship as the shields were powered up for protection from the atmospheric friction. The majestic little ship rose gently like an air bubble in syrup. Then, within seconds, the power of the vehicle was displayed with orbit occuring almost instantaneously. Inside, during the travel, there was little to do. Enad had found the antigravity accelerator which accomodates for the abrupt G-forces from acceleration. Also, it was the ship's source of internal gravity. Enad exercised with the strength set to twice that of gravity. When he wore out, he simply went weightless. A lot of good it did him.

As they were passing Jupiter, an instrument Megan had stored on the ship from the Timecave came alive. "What in the world is that," both iterated together. They grabbed the flashing instrument which was alien to both of them. "It seems to be some type of signal reciever." Enad examined some of the gauges more carefully and read the indicator dials. He carefully fed the information into the computer system of the ship. The response from the computer was interesting. It seemed the source of the transmission was originating from the farthest moon from Saturn. Phoebe, which is about eight million miles from Saturn, held questions to be answered. "Head for Phoebe," was the only thing Enad said.

The ship was carefully landed next to the source of the transmission. It was another ship which was nearly totalled from a wreck. "Enad," Megan cried. "The moon seems to have a hollow interior and besides that, an energy flow can be detected down there."

"Questions do no one any good," Enad said flatly. "I intend to get answers, are you coming with me?"

"It isn't that I don't want to, but shouldn't I keep gaurd with a full sensor scan?" Enad knew she knew what she was doing, so he left alone. Within the safety of his suit, he exited to examine the wreckage.

The wreckage was a total wreck. It appeared to have been a small fighter ship. The only thing truely recognizable was a twenty dollar gold piece lying on the ground. It was his father's good luck piece. As he picked it up, he noticed the ground around him was regular in shape. It seemed to be a massive door into the ground. Within minutes Enad was roaming the halls of a very complex battle station. There was artillery in every conceivable location. The first place Enad went was where his answers could be found.

This room was a large computer room with a console in the far end. Enad walked over and pushed a few buttons and fully opened up the system. For several hours Enad searched through the data banks of the computer searching for solutions. "There it is," Enad said very loudly, as he discovered the true operator of this station and his intentions. It seemed that Bronson was controlling the station from his paradise on Earth. He was after Iffley and a little extra. The weapons were for an attack on Titan. "He is a greedy person," Enad thought. He sat and thought a little more. "I just might get something out of this after all." Enad reached for the communication switches and opened up a direct line to his uncle.

"Hi, Unc. Long time no see." Bronson was quite dumbfounded as usual. After a little discussion on what Enad had uncovered, he made his proposition. "Would you like to give me the Belt, or would you like me to give over to Iffley the knowledge of the place and its purpose?" Enad smirked as panic covered Bronson's face. The face on the monitor was quite amusing.

"I...I..." With those words, not quite sure what to do, Bronson hit a few buttons on his own console which began the attack on Titan.

Enad stood there a second, surveying matters. Opening up all channels on communications, he alerted all. "WARNING. THERE ARE MISSLES HEADING FOR TITAN. ALL IN THE AREA BEWARE." After a moment of thinking he added, "REPEAT, T. G. TAFT IS TAKING AGGRESSIVE ACTION ON TITAN. TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION. "He returned to Bronson's frequency. "Your time as well as mine is limited. I want the Belt, or others will discover the true perpetrator of this crime." Enad then shut down the unit and returned to his ship with a smile on his face, and a little pride in his heart.

 © 1984, 

K. Blaire, L. Charles, D. Conrad, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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