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Travels of Eve

The moon was rising for the break of day, and the shuttle was encircling the Snicker's Galaxy for the first time in recorded history. The moon's rising let off a spetacular blue glow as it rose above the horizon. The day is Saturday, the first day of the week.

The control room door slides open to reveal the appearance of Eve, the Captian of the shuttle GARDEN. The first of its kind. The shuttle has all of the newest technology including land landing power. All of the earlier ships were only equiped to land in water.

Eve is the first woman to command a ship in the galaxy. She is considered the prize of the royal family of which she belongs. Eve not only is talented, but she has a beauty unknown to her people. She has light brown hair which is rarely seen except when the woman is expected to bear the heir of the galaxy. The hair tops the beauty which has been bestowed upon her. Her face is oval shaped, and her eyes are as blue as the horizen in the early morning dark. Her lips are full and perfectly shaped. Her cheeks complete the beauty by being naturally rosy.

As Eve walks into the room, she is still pondering on the burden it is of belonging to the royal family. She has just begun to realize that she will be unable to have the fun of the being a woman until a suitable male is found to father the royal heir. She thinks that it will be impossible to wait that long and remain a virgin.

Eve is suddenly jostled back to the present when she sees an extemely large white hole looming in front of the screen. She rushes to the computer to ask what it is.

She was caught unaware until it was too late; they were being hauled into the hole. The computer shows an "out of data" error on the screen. She hurriedly questions the crew as to what it is. The ship is silenced by their ignorance. The silence ends when Eve suddenly begins giving orders.

"James, go to the rear of the shuttle and prepare the ship as if under attack. I believe we are going to need to use the shields, I now see meteorites in the distance."

"Yes, Miss.", answers James.

"Ricky, put the entire ship on black alert and order everyone on board to man their posts. I want the children to be put on kitchen duty and the women to relieve the men in turn. Make sure that everyone gets 6hrs sleep, and eats right because I belive we are in for a rocky trip."

"On the double, Miss.", Ricky responds.

"Tony, slow the shuttle's speed, and balance the chamber pressure to withstand the atmosphere."

Eve then tries to no avail to contact her father or any ships in the near vicinity. She then turns on the intercom system and fills in the entire crew on the present situation.

"I would like everyones attention! We have been pulled into a white hole. We are powerless to reverse the direction of the ship. We will have to travel with the suction until we are released. This means that our journey will unfortunately be extended until new developments. The trip is going to be a rough one for meteorites are in the distance. I would like everyone to cooperate and be calm."

The shuttle GARDEN travelled for days which were becoming weeks then months with no end in sight. The food was diminishing, and the crew was becoming restless. The ship was losing more power each day as the meteorites demolished the ship's exterior and throwing the controls off balance.

As Eve walked into the control room 90 days after the nightmare had begun she saw a black horizon in the far distance. She then ordered the men in the room to shift the ship into full speed.

As they blasted out of the hole, the sight that they beheld was heavenly. The vegetation visible astounded them. As they turned the monitor to the rear of the ship, no trace of the hole existed. She then reverted it back and marvelled at the sight.

She turned to the business at hand and ordered the ship to prepare to land. There was a clearing on the nearest land of vegetation.

After they landed she sent a few exploration groups to try to find other life in the area~; and instructed the women to begin set up camp. The men returned to report that they had found that there was no other life except that of the plants and wild life. As they began to discuss the possible inhabitants of the area, they found themselves in a parlor of a palace.

A voice from behind them startled everyone so much, they were unable to move.

"Welcome; my name is Adena, and who pray tell are you?"

Eve slowly turns around to see a beautiful woman before her. She is astounded into speechlessness. When Eve regains her composure she answers.

"My name is Eve Eden of the Snicker's Galaxy."

"Snicker's Galaxy? I have never heard of such a place in my life. For all I know you could be servants of Taft or Enad. Please do tell me about yourselves.", Adena says.

"I am the royal princess of Sir Pent, ruler of the galaxy. I am to bear the heir to the throne as soon as a suitable father is found. Until then I must retain my virginity. I am in command of the suttle GARDEN which is here somewhere.", responds Eve.

She then goes on to explain how she happened to arrive on the domain of another.

 © 1985, 

K. Blaire, L. Charles, D. Conrad, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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