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Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, (or at least 26 years ago in a country not so far away), Bronson Colt Randolf was born to an upper class couple living in the country. He was living a normal, happy childhood until about the age of fourteen. Bronson's evil cousin, Enad, decided at this point to feed Bronson's parents to his pet Swolsk (which was later destroyed by Bronson while Enad was in the 8th dimension). This greatly upset Bronson's life, and left him an orphan.

Bronson's life soon took a turn for the better when Madison, a retired wizard, took Bronson in and became his mentor. Madison helped Bronson get his life going again, and helped him to better develop himself both physically and mentally. Physically, Bronson became very muscular and powerful. His mental capabilities and his knowledge grew greatly as well through Madison's tutering. Madison taught Bronson how to control his mind to enable him to use mental telepathy and teleknesis. Though he could use telepathy to contact humans over long distances, and animals over somewhat shorter distances, Bronson could use teleknesis only on small objects, within the confines of a 25 foot radius.

Bronson's telepathy helped him to contact his pets. His first pet was (and is) a large golden eagle called Valient. He guards the skies of Bronson's territory, and is a loyal companion to Bronson. Bronson's other pet, and close companion as well, is a majestic German shepherd called Rex. Rex guards the grounds of Bronson's palace, and watches over Valliant's nesting place when he is gone.

Madison, retired from being an active wizard, does occasionally give a helping hand. He developed Bronson's two rings. The gold ring, set with diamonds and emeralds, is used by Bronson for transport. He may carry a passenger as well with the ring, however the passenger may only be carried 500 miles. Bronson's other ring is for defense. The ring is platinum, set with diamonds and sapphires. It is capable of forming a defense shield 25 feet in diameter, as well as shooting a laser accurately up to 50 feet. Madison also made collars of protection for both Valient and Rex. Valient's collar is studed with diamonds and rubies, and Rex's collar is studed with diamonds and aquamarine.

Madison rarely conjurs or performs magic any longer. He does, however, allow Bronson to use certain spells on certain occasions. Therefore, to allow Bronson to use these spells properly, he usually demonstrates these spells for Bronson on an inanimate object or a volunteer. When giving Bronson a spell, he also gives him the spell which will counteract the other spell. Madison will not perform harmful magic upon any living thing unless that thing is threatening his own life. This is the code which Madison lives by. The only spell Bronson was not given the counter for is the Spell of Regeneration and Restoration. With this spell, Bronson may restore any object that he wishes to its original form.

The most recent developement in Bronson's life is his aquisition of the former territories of his cousin Enad. With his Spell of Regeneration and Restoration, he has turned the lands back into the beautiful, semi-tropical, paradise they once were. He has built his own palace, and with Madison's help, has installed a dimension shield with which he can prevent creatures and objects from other dimensions from entering his lands.

Now, finally established, and having met all the other leaders of the planet, Bronson is ready to compete for the greater powers which the planet holds.

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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