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Red Herrings: The Tale Continues

                                  by Jonathon Pierce

Kirk Jameson floated casually among the electrons. He wondered at the power of the atom. The forces contained here were far greater than any he had ever seen. He flew on wings of gravity and landed on the nucleus of a rather dull atom of Zinc. He soon would be able to harness this power; soon he would have his revenge.

He grabbed the electron pair floating in the first shell. The gravitational forces increased as the opposite forces began to attract. Final1y, he now held the power he sought: the Forces of the Atom. He changed his molecular structure, returning back to his normal size.

"Revenge is a dish best served fast."  He misquoted and laughed hysterically.

Susan Smith the IV walked slowly toward the mailbox. She looked more beautiful than ever, and yet, Mr. Taft had eyes only for Adena. She covered her eyes as an intermediate cloud of dust blew by.

"A dust storm...in the Tropics?"  She opened the mailbox and extracted the letters. She hurried into Mr. Taft's office (He didn't like it when she was late.)

Mr. Taft surveyed his secretary and said, "Goodness, girl, you should have more respect for your employer. The least you could do is fix yourself up for me!"  Susan threw the letters on the desk and sobbed out of the room.

"Now what brought that on?" He examined the letters and, after throwing away the bills, opened a letter marked 'Urgent!':

Mr. Taft:

Kirk Jameson has returned unto me. I have used his special powers and shall utterly destroy you. He shall change his form into dust and then explode. You and all your lands shall incinerate with fire. I am, of course, telling you this to help you save yourself (if you can). This is your only warning.

Jonathon Pierce

With an exclamation, Taft opened the window. A layer of dust covered the office's posh interior. He buzzed Susan of the intercom and barked out some instructions.

"That will dampen his spirits," Taft said. An evil grin spread across his face...

Slosh Gorshkin the umpteenth rode on the back of the Sworshk. They flew higher and higher until they had reached the line of Stratos stretching across the horizon. Slosh then dumped a small packet into the clouds. He was awed by the intelligence of his 'Boss'...

Slosh returned to report to Mr. Taft on the success of the mission.

"Did everything go as planned?" Mr. Taft inquired.

"Perfectly, sir." Slosh answered.

"And the dry ice?"

"I dropped it right smack in the middle." Slosh gave his

'Boss' a slight grin as the rain began to fall softly on the roof.

"So he is not at stupid as I suspected." Kirk said coldly as he shut off the wind machine. From this crest he could see the entire town: He admired the beauty of the Taft Towers. He tied the bag of dust and place it in a wooden trunk. "And now, sports fans, its time for 'Plan B' to rid me of Jonathon Pierce forever; and, if Mr. Taft is disposed of simultaneously, so much the better."

T. G. Taft the II quickly read the remaining pages of War and Peace. He was annoyed at himself: It had taken him the better part of an hour to read that small book! He looked up and realized that someone else was in the room.

"How did you get in here? I had the door locked!"

"Let's Just call it magic...I can show you a lot more, too...that is if you want to come along."

Taft the II was a bright young boy, anxious for a challenge; he answered the question in the affirmative.

"Let me leave a note for your father; we wouldn't want to worry him now would we?" He dropped a note on the bed and touched the boy. The molecular structure of Kirk and the boy changed into the structure of an X-Ray. In this form, they easily left, unseen by the GuardSworshks.

T. G. Taft read the note for the third time:


You escaped from my little test quite easily (as expected, of course). You, however, can not surpass this test, my Nemesis. Check, I believe, and mate. The ransom for your son is quite an insignificant triffle: the Tiara of Phurmos. I hope, for your son's sake, that you can oblige.

Jonathon Pierce.

Kirk Jameson returned to his normal state. He complimented himself on his audacity and shrewdness. He altered his molecular structure again. He waved his hand and Taft appeared.

The boy, however, had changed, for Kirk had altered his molecular structure, too. He was now a man. A hairy hand touched his temple, as he tried to remember. He was in a daze of confusion. Not helping matters, a woman stood crying before him.

"What's the matter?" He asked, not recognizing his own voice.

"Your father won't let us get married." She said.

Funny, he couldn’t remember any engagement. But, she was a beautiful woman, and strange urges filled his entire body. He leaned over and kissed her. Her sobs stopped immediately.

"I am the rightful ruler of this land," he said, "and you shall be my queen." He followed this profound statement with a long, passionate kiss (one which could have been imported). Funny, how the stars shine brighter when you are in love...

T. G. Taft sat at his desk. He looked at the Tiara. He looked at the note. He looked at the Tiara again. He had thought of using the Tiara to rescue his son; if he failed, however, his son might die. Even the Power was not worth risking him.

Susan knocked on the door and entered. She showed a young couple into the office. Suddenly, she realized who the man was and said, "Sir, that's..."

"Shut up, Miss Smith! I know who it is! Shut that door!" He bellowed.

"I have come to rule MY kingdom." He said bluntly, "Miss Smith, would you consider leaving your position here and coming to work for me?"

"It would be a pleasure, sir."

"Very well, call the guards and throw this man in jail: he is an impostor. Have Slosh search for my real father."

A brief exchange occurred on the intercom and in moments, the GuardSworshks appeared. "Take this impersonator away!" Susan shouted at the guards, relieving all her tensions of the day. With a look or confusion, Mr. Taft was lead to the dungeon to await a trial.

"Miss Smith, you may have the rest of the day off." The grateful secretary left, closing the door behind her. "Well, my love, how do I look?" He asked, propping his feet on the desk.

"Important, my dear, important." She said while placing the Tiara on her head. "And how do I look?" Kkir repeated.

"Luscious, my love, luscious."

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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