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Blue read the stories of Charles, Conrad, and Pierce with a sigh and a sinking feeling in his heart. The authors knew nearly everything, but not all. He saw an alternative. (No situation is entirely devoid of alternatives.) Alexander Duncan would be sure to pick the best one for all concerned, especially with Danae Conrad's help.

Now Alex had finished. Blue and the other characters filed onto the board to act out the next chapter.

The Waning of the Blue Moon

by Alexander Duncan

Adena lit the candle and bent over the bed. Blue slept uneasily, tossing and turning, muttering meaningless words. Most unlike a new father, thought Adena. After checking the twin bassinet, she got back into bed.

He thinks he can help me by messing with my past, does he? she thought. I'll just take a peek into his future. The jewels of the Amulet remained dark, but the gold linking them glowed faintly as she calmed herself and began peering into Blue's soul. She "walked" carefully and daintily, avoiding the traps set up to catch strangers. Being his wife, she knew when and where to "step" to avoid the alarm system. She walked past the Body, bowed to the Spirit, and then walked straight to the Door of the Soul and opened it.

"Will the committee please come to order?" thundered Bluemind.

"I'm the one who should yell," complained Bluemotion, who began to sulk.

"I want you two to stop," commanded Bluewill.

"We have visitors," continued BM.

AM, AE, and AW walked into the Committee Hall and sat across the table from their counterparts. They embraced and corresponding representatives brought up their business.


The twins woke simultaneously. Not wishing to wake their parents, they kept silent. Kirstie disappeared and reappeared a moment later with two full milk bottles. Kyan metamorphisized into a bottle warmer. After downing the nourishment, the twins settled back down and fell asleep.


The Chambers of the Soul were in session. The three magistrates discussed an important decision with the foreign delegates.

AE said, "I love you. You can't split us up. I'll be sad forever."

"Yes," said BE, giggling. "I'd be Blue myself." He became serious. "To not split us up would cause more hurt though."

"Not to me, you, or the children," cried AE.

"You're right," BE said, tears streaming down his face. "I love you too much." He smiled and they embraced.

"I disagree," replied AM. "To split up is illogical and we've already discussed the consequences. The split would not benefit the major characters.

"Alright," acquiesced BM. "Besides, the Pact we've made outlaws the move anyway. I agree." They shook hands.

"I want it to be so," said AW. "I don't want to leave you."

"I don't want to leave you either, but--"

"But nothing," said BE and BM in unison. "Its a clear majority. We both vote for it."

"Alright. I give," BW said.

The decision made, the ambassadors left and the Comittee went into recess. Adena left Blue's soul. The ivory faded as Adena looked at her sleeping husband. He now slept quietly, like a child. That reminds me, she thought. She checked on the children. They should have awakened by now, she thought, worried. Her frown disappeared and her eyebrow rose as she saw the empty milk bottles. She kissed them both as tenderly as if she might not see them again and went to bed. She had made her decision as well.


The twins woke in a forest. Unused to the surroundings, they looked around in fear. Kyan became a bloodhound and tried to find the scent of the one who had put them here. There was none.

Suddenly, the woods were full of people. Frightened, Kirstie grabbed Kyan's hand and the twins vanished.


The twins flew toward Phire Island, Kirstie riding on Kyan's eagle back. They couldn't find it. Between Alarius and Furanose, the unnaturally octagonal island one couldn't miss wasn't there.

Their next stop was the palace in Kaura. Their parents being absent, they flew straight to Adena's bedroom. On the bed lay a scroll which seemed to be both a light blue and a pale green. Kyan opened it and read:

The Joint Last Will and Testament

of Archimedes and Adena Adelaide Ledic

Being of sound minds and bodies, for the benefit of all concerned, we will these things to be:

Our executrix shall be Campuria.

The Island is gone, its inhabitants are on the shores of the land from which they emigrated.

The Note and Amulet are gone even as we also are gone.

The dolphins and the seas belong to themselves.

The rings and coronets under the bed are Kyan and Kirstie's. They are to be used only to benefit others, not their bearers.

The twins themselves are to be in Campuria's (and only Campuria's) care until their 18th birthdays.

This will and our deaths are caused by careful thought and clear priorities, not depression or bitterness. This alternative solves these problems:

1) Taft's wish for victory. Now he knows I am not an opponent. Remember, though, that to truly win means there are no losers.

2) Pierce's wish for death. We can't revive him anymore. Remember, though, that one loses in a selfish death just as in a selfish life.

3) Lerart's wish for Blue's death. It is finished. Remember, though, that nobody enjoys the fulfillment of a malicious wish.

4) Bronson's wish for power. The Belt is his. Remember to use it for good, for one another and all men.

We believe we've covered everything. We regret any heartache we have caused. Kyan and Kirstie, you know how and when to reach us. The rest of you better not even try.

As Kyan let go of the scroll, it rolled back up and fell off the bed. The only noise in the palace was the wailing of two small orphans.

* * *

"For whoever wishes to save his life shall lose it: but whoever loses his life for My sake shall find it."

Matthew 16:25

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends."

John 15:13

Explicit Liber

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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