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Adena gingerly touched her bruised head and winced slightly under the pain. The young monarch was in the study of Phire Palace and was presently staring out the window. This is the first normal day since my wedding, she mused to herself.

"And I'm bored stiff!" she finished out loud and began to pace the room. Then she threw herself onto the divan so that she could still see out of the window. The cloth of her gown rustled impatiently with her abrupt moves. It was a beautiful dress and her favorite. It had a green layer overlaid with a blue gauze so that the final effect was a sparkling aquamarine. In the light it threw off an eerie iridescence with any slight move. Right now, though, Adena had no thoughts for any of that - she was bored.

She began creating various holograms with her amulet's power. Tropical butterflies as large as dinner plates floated on unseen breezes. Bird of Paradise sung from unseen trees. She kept on changing the images as her mood dictated. She giggled softly when she mistakenly put wings on an iguana. Suddenly, she sobered hearing the doorknob being turned. She hurriedly waved a hand and the visions faded. She stood back to the door and looked once more out the window.

Archimedes let himself into the study, absorbed in his thoughts which quickly vanished when he saw his wife. "Hello, beautiful."

Adena blushed slightly. "Must you carry on that way?" She turned and the effect was electric. And you said you were bored, she chided herself.

Archimedes was decked out totally in black - well totally except for his cape of royalty. This was electric blue and seemed to be alive as it hung sinuously down his back. "Hello, yourself," Adena finally said. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine, fine." He glanced at her, "I should, however, be asking you." He noted a puzzled reaction.

"I'm fine." She stated moodily. "Just tired, therefore a little impatient." She locked as if she were going to keep talking and then turned abruptly back to the window.

"Talked to your physician today," he stated and satisfactorily noted another startled reaction from his spouse.

"Oh," came the quavered reply. "Did he say anything of importance?"

"He said that I'd be just fine. However, he did mention that you'd been by to see him. He didn't elaborate though." He paused and she didn't pick up the conversation. "Would you care to?"

"Well," she began to toy with her wedding band. "It. appears," she didn't turn from the window. She cleared her throat, "Darling, you wouldn't be mad if I told you something quite important, would you?"

Archimedes was surprised by such a reaction. He hadn't imagined she'd have this much trouble telling him. "No. In fact, I'd be upset if you didn't tell me."

"Alright." She turned from the window, took a deep breath and told him all as fast as she could. "It appears that I'm going to have twins." She looked at the floor.

"That's terrific!" Archimedes was honestly thrilled, he hadn't been expecting two. He swept her off the floor and kissed her.

"Archimedes, what am I going to do with children? I didn't have much of a childhood myself."

"Don't worry, love. Between the two of us, those kids will have the best childhoods ever." He kissed her once more and then got serious. He told her of what he had had to do because of the threat of blackmail. Adena stared in shock.

"I understand - really I do. It was the only logical choice, but.. It doesn't seem fair."

Archimedes sat next to her on the divan and put an arm around her. "Life isn't fair. But our lines will continue apparently." She smirked slightly. "Be very careful, Adena and know I'11 be watching out for you."

"I'll be fine. Keep in mind, I'm not the baby so don't start being mother all of a sudden."

"Wouldn't dream of it., 'Mom'," he chided.

She cocked an eyebrow in response to that. "Well, next order of business - names?"

"How about..." He leaned over and whispered something to her. She began to smile.

"Perfect!" she exclaimed. "Just perfect!" She turned to Blue, "You know something, you are absolutely wonderful. They said that I was a fool for marrying you but I haven't regretted it," after an afterthought, "and I won't ever."

"Neither will I," Blue assured and kissed her. "Now," he said with a glint of tease in his eye, "what were you doing in here before I came in?"

"Just this." She waved her hand and the tropical images returned to the study, transporting the happy couple on a honeymoon of fantasy.

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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