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The Will

                             by Lynne Charles

July 20

I have seen Death. I have known of its coming for some time now. I have known and prepared. Though to all others my death will appear untimely, it has been an expected visitor since Captain Lockland's passing. I am ready.

July 22

Provisions are being made for the things I see in the future. My time is not today, for I have not completed my duty. Alan is, at this moment, gathering the necessary materials for my last act.

July 23

I have enforced a spell around the REBELLION which only the combined powers of all six keys can break. The future owners of my ship will be constantly protected from all others aboard a safe haven.

July 27

All is in readiness. My will names Jon as executor, so I leave him my entire diary. To avoid disputes, my will is copied here for Jon.

The Last Will and Testament of Jacques Francoise LeRart

I, Jacques Francoise LeRart, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave this last will and testament to fulfill my final requests. To wit: the dispersion of my earthly goods and possessions, burial arrangements, and other provisions.

The executor of this will is hereby named as Jonathon Pierce. He is charged with completing the final arrangements, and overseeing the processes whereby my wishes will be carried out.

My beloved ship, the REBELLION, I leave to the as yet unborn twins of Adena, Enchantress of Furanose, and her husband, Archimedes Ledic. Fully protected from any singular evil, it will serve as a safe haven for them, as only the combined forces of all six of the keys may even attempt to break the protection. Further, I leave in my sea-chest two vials. The turquoise vial is to be presented to the male child, and the aquamarine vial given to the female.

To Adena of Furanose, I leave an envelope which will disclose the power of the potions I leave her twins.

To Iffley, who will soon be married, I leave the footlocker in my cabin. Inside are a vial and a yellowed scroll. The power of the potion in the vial will keep Iffley's bride forever young. The power of the spell written upon the scroll is so intense that Iffley alone can control it.

To my dear godson, Jonathon Pierce, I give my diary, which contains many useful ideas and suggestions to relieve tumultuous situations. Also, I leave a special spice rack, overflowing with wondrous powders and liquids with magical healing properties. One thing more, of great value to you, I leave. In the footlocker is a golden, ornate ring, which I am certain you will recognize as the one your father gave to Joanna, your mother, as a token of their marriage.

Any other of my possessions not previously mentioned belong now to the twins of Phire. Having dispersed of my worldly goods, I wish to state my burial preparations.

I wish to be cremated with fire, as is the ancient custom of Earth. I want my ashes scattered over the Sea of Discontent. A formal proceeding, such as a funeral or wake, is neither necessary nor prudent. Therefore, simply following my directions will fulfill my requirements.

Hereby witnessed and sealed this twenty-fifth day of July, in the year 476, After Plague.

Alan Marquis                          T.H.Fitjai

Jacques Francoise LeRart, Captain

LeRart put his pen down and set the diary aside. He climbed into his bunk and stared out at the darkness of his cabin. Tonight. He could feel the growing chilliness in his bones and muscles, even to the depth of his very soul.

That night, Jacques LeRart surrendered to the shadowy, cloaked figure that came in the night to claim him. Alan found his captain the next morning, a peaceful smile of content playing across his cold lips. In his hand was clutched a logbook. Opening it, Alan found an inscribed poem on the cover.

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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