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The Trader

                                    by Lynne Charles

The brillant blue of the Sea of Discord disturbed the old trader. Never before had he seen such vibrant colors as those he viewed looking out over the horizon. The frenchman watched the sky for a sign of rain, then turned his attention back to the wheel.

Suddenly, his first mate ran up to him. "Captain LeRart! Captain LeRart!" his voice echoed over the deck. "The Bay of Discontent has been sighted on the starboard side, sir!"

The slim, young aide eyed his captain anxiously. "sir?"

"I'm sorry, Alan. I was just remembering Jon's mother. What a blessed woman she was. Alright, mates, let's turn starboard. "

The REBELLION pulled into the natural harbor just as the sun was setting. As he walked toward the mansion in the distance, LeRart felt saddened by the news he carried. He was startled by the presence, felt rather than seen, of two, (or was it one?), shapes approaching.

"Who are you? and why do you disturb our island of peace?" one of the shapes ventured in the darkness.

"I am Jacques LeRart, and I mean you no harm. I seek one Jonathon Pierce, bringing news of his mother."

"Greetings and felicitations, traveler! I am that which is called Ambercrombie, and this creature attending me answers to Fitch. We shall escort you to the place of Pierce's abode."

Following the joined Twins led LeRart and his party to a giant, ivy covered mansion.

"Mr. Pierce is not here right now, but you may stay in the Obsidian Room. I'11 show you the way."

Standing before the uniquely-shaped mirror, LeRart surveyed his appearance. The years had greyed his hair, fattened his waistline, and accented the lines in his face. His short stature and his full beard added to his generally jovial form. (In fact, he looked somewhat like Santa Claus.) He turned away from the mirror with a sigh. Tomorrow was going to be a long day, especially with the bad news he brought. He could only hope that Jonathon would understand.

 © 1984, 

L. Charles, D. Conrad, A. Duncan, Enad the Great, J. Pierce, B. C. Randolf, and T. G. Taft

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